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YORK ST Commercial Power Rack Cage For Sale with Free Shipping New in box.

This nice York ST Commercial Power Rack comes standard with 12 Olympic Weight plate holders placed at the rear of the York Power Rack so you can load and unload your olympic bar quickly. Also included are Olympic Bar Catches that are adjustable so you can enjoy placing your olympic bar exactly the height you want to begin and end your exercise of choice. Also included are strong safety spotter bars which adjust from front to rear of the York Power Rack so you can be safe doing Squats or any of your Olympic bench press movements. When you get ready to activate your upper body muscles with body weight resistance you can engage the multi grip chin up bar for core, back, shoulders, arm, and heart health improvements. When you need a high quality commercial power rack, York provides what you need and want for strength training safe and secure. Contact [email protected] or phone Walter 770-712-5392 with any questions about this cool and durable Commercial York Power Rack Cage.

Combo Grip Pull-up Bar – One, positioned 8’ high, 28 mm knurled, solid color rolled steel bar with 135-degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options.

  1. Double Bar Holders – One pair. (#54001)
  2. Weight storage – Scuff-resistant weight storage pegs for 45, 35, 25, 10, 5 and 2.5 lbs plates.
  3. Stainless steel hook-plates – Adjustable to 19 positions on 3” center increments accommodating a wide range of heights.
  4. Interior Safety Spot Arms (Pair).
  5. Two welded vertical bar holders.


Dimensions                                Length 73” x Width 67 1/4” x Height 96” (Including Combo Grip Pull-up Bar and weight storage pegs)

Inside dimensions                       42” between uprights width. 40” between uprights depth.


Description                                     Item #

YORK® Power Rack (White)               54006

YORK® Power Rack (Silver)                55006


YORK Power Rack Options

Description                                                                Item #


 Double Bar Holder (Pair)                                             54001

Reverse Technique Scoops (Pair)                                 54002

Reverse Safety Spot Arms                                           54003

Multi-Fucntion Bench (White)                                       54004

Reverse Dip Attachment                                              54005

Bench Stringer – Steel crossmember into                       54008

which Multi-function Bench locks 

SINGLE Bar Holder (Pair)                                              54012

Inset for multi-function rack – 54000, 55000 or               54250

power rack – or triple combo rack power rack side – 67.25”

Multi-Function Bench (Silver)                                         55004

Free shipping is in the continental USA curbside. We can provide optional installation in and around Atlanta and surrounding Georgia States. Check out all www.fitnessrush.com has to provide you regarding new and used exercise equipment  to help you be and stay healthier.

Additional information

Weight 0.0000 lbs
Dimensions 73.0000 × 67.2500 × 96.0000 in


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