York Curl Bar and Tricep Bar Combo with Rubber Grips #32030


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YORK® International Curl Bar and Tricep Bar Combo With Rubber Grips – 30 mm grip

Once you lift with this York Curl Bar and York Tricep Bar with Rubber Grips you will understand why stronger results come from proper lifting tools. York has always done weight lifting right and this curl bar is following the same rule. Easy on your palms, better grip strength, natural flow of bicep exercises for enhanced Bicep and Tricep pump. Grab your York ez curl bar and Tricep Barbell grow some bionic biceps and Triceps.

Item #32030        25 pounds

York International Bicep-Tricep- Trap Bar with Rubber Grips  #32031    25 pounds

 York Bicep-Tricep-Trap bar works for when you need a bar to get your enhanced endurance and quick workout transition paced properly. Grow stronger biceps while doing narrow & wide bicep curls. Increase all of your upper body pushing movements with stronger tricep workouts. Boulder shoulders require a nice Trap Bar such as this York Bar with Rubber Grips to go the distance.

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