York Barbell 8 Pair Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells Starter Set 3-25#


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York Barbell 8 Pair Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells Starter Set includes 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 Dumbbell Set

With this strong York Barbell Cast Iron starter Dumbbell Set you will have a great base to exercise your walk to higher healthier opportunities. Once you get comfortable engaging your muscles with these dumbbells you will know your body is alive and well and wanting more. Resistance exercise has been proven over and over to benefit correct muscle engagement at all ages. You can workout your lower body with these York Dumbbells while doing lunges, squats, or your favorite lower body moves. Your upper body will tighten and tone with consistent lifting pushing and pulling with dumbbells.

Once you get familiar with these dumbbell increments you can add onto your dumbbell set by purchasing other dumbbells or adding a nice dumbbell rack to keep your sets organized and ready for more. Check out www.fitnessrush.com for dumbbell benches and other strength training gear to maintain your health. Email [email protected] when you want us to price you a customized dumbbell package or other strength and cardio options. We enjoy helping others be healthy and maintain their strength.

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