Tuff Stuff XPT Power Rack with PPF700 Multi Bench




Tuff Stuff XPT with Multi Bench $5000 at Fitness Rush Atlanta

This Tuff Stuff XPT is still in original wrapper as is the PPF 700 Multi Bench and only one available for customer pick up in our Buford Georgia exercise equipment warehouse by prior appointment only at this time. Please phone or email [email protected] to purchase this item. You will need a large trailer or big box truck to transport this unit which comes partially assembled. Price is fair and firm. Only one available and will be removed from site when sold.

 Fitness Rush is offering this Unique Linear Guided Barbell System which allows vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lateral, and rotational bar motion to effectively engage all primary muscle groups and secondary stabilizer groups, while forcing the central nervous system to control all bar motion, optimizing muscle strength and development. Unlimited barbell motion and 270 of bar rotation allows the performance of all traditional barbell, Olympic and athletic lifts within the safe confines of the rack and without the need for space consuming platforms and expensive bumper plates. Custom 96” Olympic bar has a 51” effective inside grip dimension for performance of all wide grip barbell exercises and overhead lifts. Conveniently counterbalanced to provide a traditional 45 pound empty Olympic bar starting weight.

Patented Quad Lock Braking System Fully adjustable, mechanically actuated lever brake system, shaped to conform to Olympic bar fora natural fit and feel in the hand. Simply opening the hand automatically releases the lever and engages four solid steel locking pins, immediately catching and stopping the bar in any position in case of a missed lift or emergency situation. Makes racking and un-racking the bar or changing the bars starting height, safe and easy from any position. No need to twist your wrist, move your arms, or step forward and backward with a loaded bar to find a bar catch. Hand levers are easily adjustable from narrow to wide with a simple flip of the release clips. Allows the performance of concentric only explosive movements without the corresponding need for eccentric loading or deceleration of the bar.  

The Fitness Rush team with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry is located in Buford Georgia just north of Atlanta providing quality new and used exercise equipment including cardio and strength exercise equipment for all size athletic facilities. We are Atlanta’s full service exercise equipment provider with trucks departing our warehouse daily with deliveries and installation teams installing fitness equipment all over the SouthEast. We gladly provide BodyCraft, BodySolid products for our light commercial and box gyms, also Matrix, Octane, Torque, Tuff Stuff, plus more for our wellness oriented corporate facilities. 
With Fitness Rush Atlanta we aim to provide best pricing and volume discounts on our commercial exercise equipment. Our exercise equipment is great for police and fire stations, cross training gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, personal trainers, physical therapist, and residential garage gyms, who appreciate wholesale pricing. Limited quantity.

Contact Walter with any questions about any of our commercial used exercise equipment. Check out all of the new and used exercise equipment at FitnessRush in Buford Georgia just north of Atlanta near the Mall of Georgia. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.

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Weight 300.00 lbs