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York Barbell

YORK ST Lat Pulldown #55020

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York ST Lat Pulldown $1875 with Free Shipping

When you need a durable Lat Pulldown for amazing back workouts, this York ST Lat pulldown is the machine for you. Workout your back with confidence knowing you have a sturdy machine built to take the pulls you will engage. Weights glide on guide rods designed to allow easy quiet motion. This Lat pulldown comes with a 250 pound weight stack and you can increase the weight stack to 300 pounds for additional fee. You can also add accessory handles like a tricep bar to enjoy arm workouts and more. Model 55020

Dimensions: (L)53” x (W)47 1/2” x (H)90”

  • Adjustable locking leg hold-down secures body position.
  • Straight bar with angled ends ensures correct arm and wrist position.
  • 4200 pound tensile strength aircraft quality cable.


Description                                                                              Item #

YORK® Lat Pulldown 250 lbs stack (White)                                   54020

YORK® Lat Pulldown 300 lbs stack (White)                                   54021

YORK® Lat Pulldown 250 lbs stack (Silver)                                    55020

YORK® Lat Pulldown 300 lbs stack (Silver)                                    55021

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