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York Barbell

YORK Power Rack With Weight Storage #55030

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York Power Rack with Weight Storage $1675 with Free Shipping

Worthy athletes in training need a superior Power Rack and this York Power Rack with Weight Storage For Sale with Free Shipping New in box is the answer. Built strong to insure all who utilize this York Power Rack will feel like winners knowing they can lift to their hearts content safely and effectively. This York Power Rack has a stable base with 10 Olympic weight plate holders incorporated at the rear of the Power Rack exactly where they need to be for efficient loading and unloading of olympic weight plates onto the olympic bar. This York Power Rack has easy to adjust Olympic Bar Holders as well as easy to adjust spotter arms which lock into place once you have them at your preferred level. You'll enjoy the spotter arms that allow you safety completely from front to the rear of the Power Rack whether you'r doing squats, olympic flat bench, incline bench press, or shoulder presses. The spotter arms also have an additional bar holder on the front of the Power Rack which you can use for barbell starting points for exercise away from the inside of the rack such as barbell walking lunges. All worthy York Power Racks have a nice multi grip chin up bar and this Power Rack has one included which when engaged will add to your exercise routine. With the chin up bar you can strengthen and tone your back, shoulders, core, arms, as well as heart health. I always incorporate some type of exercise with the chin up bar each workout knowing weight bearing exercise is a valuable movement. Workout smarter and invest in our health today.

Dimensions: Width 67” x Depth 60 1/4” x Height 91 1/2”

  • Large work area accommodating multi-functional athletic training, inside work area is 42” wide.
  • Adjustable spotting rods lock in place enhancing user safety.
  • Comes standard with pronated grip chin-up bar.
  • Weight storage standard.
  • Bar Holder equipped with plastic wear guards.


Description                                                               Item #

YORK® Power Rack With Weight Storage (White)           54030

YORK® Power Rack With Weight Storage (Silver)            55030

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