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York Barbell

YORK Barbell ST Multi-Function Power Rack #55000

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YORK Barbell Multi-Function Power Rack $2399 with Free Shipping

Fitness Rush exercise equipment is glad to offer this YORK Barbell Commercial Multi-Function Power Rack, this power rack has exactly what you need for a workout space of any size. This YORK Barbell Commercial Multi-Function Power Rack For Sale has 12 olympic weight pate holders located where you need them on the rear of the rack where your olympic bar needs to be loaded or unloaded. This will allow you to store 45#, 35#, 25#, 10#, 5#, and 2 1/2# olympic weight plates on each side of the power rack. This YORK Commercial Multi-Function Power Rack For Sale comes with heavy duty adjustable olympic bar holders to insure proper beginning and ending olympic barbell placement. Also included is adjustable interior Safety Spotter arms so you can lift for your personal best without thinking about where the bar will land in a pinch. This YORK Commercial Multi-Function Power Rack For Sale is an all around cool functional power rack cage built old school strong so you can be proud to show off and exercise on this YORK Commercial Multi-Function Power Rack and be stronger during and afterward. you can maximize your body weight moves and enhance core, back, shoulders, arms, and heart health with the multi grip chin up bar included. Contact with any questions about this nice YORK Barbell Commercial Multi-Function Power Rack For Sale. We look forward to providing your the exercise equipment you want and need.

YORK Barbell Rack comes standard with:

  1. Combo Grip Pull-up Bar - one, 8’ high, 28 mm knurled, solid cold rolled steel bar with 135-degree v-shape in the center for additional grip options.
  2. Double bar holders - one pair. (#54001)
  3. Interior Safety Spot Arms - one pair.
  4. Bench stringer - one. (#54008)
  5. Weight storage - Scuff-resistant weight storage pegs for 45, 35, 25, 10, 5 and 2.5 lbs plates.
  6. Stainless steel hook-plates - rear upright is adjustable to 19 positions on 3” center increments accommodating a wide range of heights. The front upright is adjustable to 15 positions on 3” center increments.
  7. Two welded vertical bar holders.



Inside dimensions                42” width between uprights

Dimensions                         Length 76” x Width 67” x Height 96”


 Description                                                        Item #

YORK® Multi-Function Rack (White)                      54000

YORK® Multi-Function Rack (Silver)                       55000


 YORK Multi-Function Rack Options

 Description                                                              Item #


Double Bar Holder (Pair)                                             54001

Reverse Technique Scoops (Pair)                                 54002

Reverse Safety Spot Arms (Pair, shown)                        54003

Multi-Function Bench (White)                                       54004

Reverse Dip Attachment                                              54005

Single Bar Holder (Pair)                                              54012

Inset for multi-function rack - 54000, 55000                 54250

or power rack or triple combo rack power rack side - 67.25”

Multi-Function Bench (Silver)                                        55004

When ordering let us know if you would like white or silver frame. We look forward to serving you. Purchasing incentives activated when you have us customize a strength training circuit for you from York Barbell.

The Fitness Rush team with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry enjoys providing quality exercise equipment including cardio and strength exercise equipment for all size athletic facilities. We gladly provide BodyCraft, BodySolid products for our light commercial and box gyms, also Matrix, Octane, Torque, Tuff Stuff, plus more for our wellness oriented corporate facilities. 
With Fitness Rush Atlanta we aim to provide best pricing and volume discounts on our commercial exercise equipment. Our exercise equipment is great for police and fire stations, cross training gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, personal trainers, physical therapist, and residential garage gyms, who appreciate wholesale pricing. Limited quantity.
Contact Walter with any questions about any of our commercial used exercise equipment. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.