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Muscle D

Muscle D Elite Low Back Extension MDE 08

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Muscle D Elite Low Back Extension $3795 with Free Shipping at Fitness Rush

Fitness Rush is happy to offer this Muscle D Elite Low Back Extension for $3795 with Free Shipping to increase lower back strength and decrease back stress.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Anatomically correct shaped cam gives proper resistance to strengthen the lower back muscles.
  • Convenient pull pin adjusts the desired amount of pre-stretch.
  • Lumbar supports the back pad indexes’ upper torso in alignment with the cam axis.
  • Contoured seat allows legs and feet to brace themselves on foot plates.
  • 180 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin.
  • 59” L x 51” W x 60” H, 490 pounds

Our brand new Elite Line is perfect for group circuit training as well as individual use. It combines stylish design, exceptional biomechanics, and highly durable materials to deliver a top-quality exercise experience.

The range features 15 different units that target every area of the body and deliver a complete workout in one circuit. By combining industry-leading innovations with easy-to-use features, the Elite Line is the most modern and member-friendly circuit range available.


Circuit training is highly effective and popular throughout the fitness industry. It offers members a varied workout that targets all the key muscle groups while keeping the heart rate up throughout for additional aerobic benefits. It’s faster than most other classes which makes it easy for people to squeeze into lunch breaks or any other free time they can find. But for gym owners and trainers who run circuit sessions, the element of speed is also one of the biggest challenges. Ensuring that people transition quickly and efficiently between units can be tricky and sometimes hold up the entire group. So, we created the Elite Line with fast and convenient transitions in mind.

 Customizing the seat height is quick and easy thanks to its innovative design. The dual pneumatic air pistons allow for effortless adjustments with just a single touch. Our precise weight stacks feature magnetic selector pins and halyards which make changing weights a breeze. Our units also include colorful instructional placards that explain exactly how to use them in a visual manner. They show the beginning and ending positions, muscle groups that are activated, and proper breathing instructions. For people who are unfamiliar with the machines, these placards help them to get started quickly.

 Highly Durable Circuit Machines

Strength training machines need to withstand heavy-duty usage so it’s crucial that they’re designed to be durable. This is especially true for circuit machines which are used quickly and often have their weight stacks dropped during changeovers between members. Our Elite Line is manufactured using incredibly rugged 11-gauge steel which allows for many years of continuous service. It features sealed precision bearings on all axles so that they last longer than traditional alternatives. But unlike some circuit ranges, its durability doesn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. Our sleek and compact design reflects modern design tastes and is available with a choice of black or burgundy red upholstery.


The results that machines get members is arguably what matters most and the Elite Line doesn’t disappoint. The precise ergonomics and anatomically correct designs ensure that users get the most out of every workout. They are designed to deliver perfect resistance levels throughout every stage of the exercise motions so that muscles are recruited at just the right level. Perfectly positioned axles create true muscle group isolation so that they develop quickly yet in balance.

 The Elite Line includes all of the small, considered details that you’d expect from a manufacturer with Muscle D’s experience. Our open weight stack frame ensures a full pre-stretch since users can see and gauge the performance of the selected weight’s travel. Custom shaped pads have been designed to provide maximum comfort for users of all heights and shapes. Extra care has been taken to maximize the handle grip comfort which allows users to apply maximal pressure and push their performance. Many of the unique features have not been seen before on commercial equipment.


 If you’re looking for highly durable circuit training units for your facility, then the Elite Line will exceed your expectations. Its premium material construction means that it can withstand the rigors of a busy gym environment and last for years to come. The close attention paid to correct biomechanics means your members will get the best possible results from their workout efforts. Muscles will be maximally recruited so that they adapt and strengthen in line with their fitness goals. Thanks to the user-friendly features like instructional placards and air-assisted seats, people will love working out during circuit sessions!

The Fitness Rush team with over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry is happy to provide effective exercise equipment including cardio and strength exercise equipment for all size athletic facilities. We gladly provide Muscle Dynamics, York Barbell, Steelflex, BodyCraft, BodySolid products for our commercial and box gyms and residential folks, also Matrix, Octane, Torque, Tuff Stuff, plus more for our wellness oriented corporate facilities.

 With Fitness Rush we aim to provide best pricing and volume discounts on our exercise equipment. Our exercise equipment is great for police and fire stations, cross training gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, personal trainers, physical therapist, and residential garage gyms who appreciate wholesale pricing. Limited quantity.

 Contact with any questions about any of our commercial used exercise equipment. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.