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Body Solid

Body-Solid Proclub Line Multi Squat Rack SMR1000

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Body-Solid ProClub Line Multi Squat Rack $1834 with Free shipping New in box. 

Your quality commercial multi squat rack SMR1000 is here to provide you the fitness results you want and need. Body Solid calls this a multi rack simply because it is so much more than a power rack. You could call this multi press rack a turbo charged power rack of sorts allowing you to perform many more exercises than a regular power rack. This multi squat rack was designed to provide any user from veterans to beginners a simple and effective safe rack for squats or any lower and upper body exercise. When you place your olympic bar on any of the gun rack style liftoffs that are positioned up and down the rack you are ready to begin lifting effectively. You can perform squats, lunges, bench press, shoulder press, standing bicep curls, plus many more exercises safe with the adjustable safety bars or spotter bars. With these spotter bars at the perfect height near the bottom of your lift you are not limited to waiting on your friend to assist during heavy lifts. This multi squat rack has it all not just the regular power rack options. Built so that you can move your bench into the rack and have a spotter with you without cramped quarters. You will also like the fact you can do lunges inside the rack and have plenty of space to really stretch and have the safety bars there if you need them. We put two of the rubber mats 4' by 6' under our SMR1000 and when you install them so the 4' portion is sitting under the outside edge of the multi press squat rack you can install them from the back edge and they will extend past the front section so you are always standing on rubber when doing exercises in the rack. We also use the chin up bar as an attachment for hooking our suspension training devices and like having the rubber mats as a softer surface to launch from and land on when jumping. With the integrated olympic weight plate storage built right where you need them on the side of the Body Solid multi press squat rack where you will load your olympic bar your transition time between lifts is reduced. Functional training is now a standard program to enhance workout routines and the SMR1000 rack has pegs for heavy bands and stretch tubes located on the outside edges of the rack near the base. When you want to turn up your strength training routine after doing a bench press jump up and grab your choice of handles on top of the SMR1000 for chin ups with wide handles or neutral grip to blast your back muscles. Chin ups also increases flexibility and endurance. You can hook up Ab slings to the chin up bar for Core exercise and also elastic bands for your feet to assist doing chin-ups or pull ups for those learning the movement. The Fitness Rush team has installed this heavy duty multi press squat rack in large fully commercial gyms with heavy demands and the rack has performed flawlessly. You will appreciate the 2" by 3" steel frame that is 11 gauge steel and built to last in heavy use environments such as schools, military athletic facilities, full on gyms, and any location desiring top quality multi use squat racks.

Key Features:

  • 315 pounds
  • Ì" solid steel gun rack liftoffs
  • 2"x3" 11-gauge steel safeties and mainframe
  • Plate storage is included
  • 1000 lb. capacity
  • Integrated chinning bar and strength band pegs
  • Extended frame for spotter access
  • Commercial warranty, lifetime on frame and welds
  • Model: SMR1000

This product is Commercial Rated and features a Lifetime Warranty on Frames, welds, weight plates & guide rods. 2 Years on Pulleys, bushing, bearings & hardware. 1 Year on cables, upholstery, grips and all other components

 This product features a Lifetime Warranty for in-home, personal usage. Pads, pulleys, cables, frames, and everything in between is covered for as long as you own the equipment. Period.

Dimensions, Rack Weight 343 Pounds  Width 71"  Length 80"  Height 89"

The Fitness Rush team with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry is happy to provide you effective exercise equipment including cardio and strength exercise equipment for all size athletic facilities.  We gladly provide BodyCraft, BodySolid products for our light commercial and box gyms, also Matrix, Octane, Torque, Tuff Stuff, plus more for our wellness oriented corporate facilities. 

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 Contact with any questions about any of our commercial used exercise equipment. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.