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Body Solid

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack GPR378

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Body Solid Pro Power Rack GPR378 $816 with Free Shipping 

When you need a nice solid Power Rack this Body Solid GPR 378 is a winner. We have sold and installed this Body Solid Power Rack in corporate fitness centers, personal training studios, rehabilitation clinics, apartment fitness centers, garage gyms, as well as many personal home workout spaces. Tons of attachments are available for this Body Solid GPR 378 Power Rack. View our website for healthy options or contact us for suggestions to increase your workout rewards.

This Body Solid GPR378 has been and will be a proven winner in many workout spaces for years to come. This Power Rack is built well with heavy duty 11 gauge steel which is high strength and constructed well with all 4 sides welded. Less bolts mean a more sturdy rack. The GPR378 Power Rack looks great with paint that has been electrostatically applied which helps resist scratches and dents from olympic weight plates and your olympic bar bouncing against the rack during competitive workout sessions.

 We often have this Power Rack in our warehouse showroom so we can enjoy strong exercise options. I add a Body Solid Flat to incline bench to add several upper body exercises to my workout routine. The Power Rack we currently have in our showroom has the lat attachment with weight stack plus the dip bars for a full compliment of gym workouts. I enjoy dips and the Body Solid dip bars with the different hand placements allow me to get a great chest, shoulder, and tricep stretch. After dips I immediately grab the tricep rope I have added to our Power Rack to hit tricep pushdowns for ever strengthening arms. When you have strong triceps your athletic ability for throwing increases as well as tennis swings and batting. 

This Power Rack is amazing and you will enjoy the safe effective workout solutions beginning with the adjustable spotter arms and olympic bar holders. Whether you are tall or short this power rack accommodates most heights with ease. When you don't want to wait on a partner to exercise intense this rack allows you to comfortably enjoy a safe workout routine knowing the adjustable spotter arms are right there if and when you need them. Once you have finished your Squats or Bench Press you can grab the chin up bar at the top of the power rack and give your Back Routine a great stretch and power exercise session. We decked out our showroom GPR378 Power Rack so we can utilize the Lat Pulldown and Low Row option. With this great option we perform tricep pushdown, Lat pulldowns with overhand and underhand positions to hit our back from separate angles and incorporate biceps. Depending on which handles we attach to the high or low cables on the Lat and Low Row attachment we can simulate most dumbbell functional exercises to add to the healthy benefits of this sturdy power rack. The fact that the olympic bar holders and the spotter arms just twist in and out make this power rack easy to transition from exercise to exercise. In less time than it takes to load your olympic bar you can have the bar holders and spotter arms adjusted where you need them to be for flat bench press or seated shoulder press. Very cool feature is you can move the olympic bar holders from inside the rack when you are Squatting or Lunging to outside the rack if you want to do Dead Lifts in front of the power rack. The GPR378 will allow you to safely and effectively enjoy the intense workouts that you need every now and then to test your strength progress and will be a reliable power rack for everyday workouts for any member of your family and friends. Keep in mind this is a Light commercial power rack which we have installed into Personal Training Studios and fitness centers that have no complaints and one which will endure many happy lifting sessions for you for years to come. You will be proud to own and lift inside and all around this solid sturdy power rack and be assured you have invested wise in your health.

One of our pictures shows base Pro Power Rack. Alternate images show options Lat Attachment #GLA378, 200 Lb. Weight Stack #SP200, Bench #GFID71 and all or these additions can be purchased for your Body Solid GPR 378 Power Rack and you will save money purchasing all at once.

Key Features:

  • Wide 'walk-in' design and easy bench access
  • 20 adjustment levels to make sure you place the olympic bar exactly where you need it
  • 3"x 3" vertical support columns to insure your are safe
  • 41" wide knurled chinning bar for exceptional back exercise options
  • Heat tempered Lift-Offs and saber-style safety rods keep your workouts simple, safe, and effective
  • Ideal for home and commercial use for you, your family, and friends 
  • 82"H x 49"L x 46"W
  • Shown with OPTIONAL Plate Load Attachment #GLA37 Includes Lat Bar and Straight Bar
  • Add on plate posts
  • Optional 210 lb. weight stack (#SP200)
  • Model: GPR378 Power Rack

Dimensions: Weight 239 Pounds, Width 46", Length 49", Height 80"  This GPR 378 Power Rack will be shipped new in 3 boxes with easy to follow assembly instructions. Please contact when you need our help deciding which exercise equipment works best for your objectives.

This product is Commercial Rated and features a Lifetime Warranty on Frames, welds, weight plates & guide rods. 2 Years on Pulleys, bushing, bearings & hardware. 1 Year on cables, upholstery, grips and all other components. This product features a Lifetime Warranty for in-home, personal usage. Pads, pulleys, cables, frames, and everything in between is covered for as long as you own the equipment. Period.

 Optional Accessories: call for pricing

 SCB26 Squat / Calf Block 

  • GLA378 Lat Attachment for GPR378 
  • HP200 OPTIONAL 200 Lb. stack for GLA378 
  • GAP378 OPTIONAL Aluminum Pulley Upgrade Kit 
  • Dip Attachment 

 Please contact with any questions about any of our exercise equipment. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you when you need effective exercise equipment. This Body Solid Power Rack is provided by lifters for lifters. We enjoy helping others become and stay strong.

  The Fitness Rush team with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry enjoys providing quality new exercise equipment including cardio and strength exercise equipment for all size athletic facilities. We gladly provide BodyCraft, BodySolid products for our light commercial and box gyms, also Matrix, Octane, Torque, Tuff Stuff, plus more for our wellness oriented corporate facilities. 

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  Contact with any questions about any of our commercial used exercise equipment. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.