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Perfect Body For An Imperfect World

Since the dawning of the ages we have simultaneously critiqued ourselves while acknowledging internally our superior individual being. This is evident as Personal Trainers understand why clients want to train physically smarter.

Anything I can do you can do better is a saying that baffled me the first time I heard it. What person in their right mind tells me anything they can do I can do better? Aren’t people who say that admitting defeat to me for whatever action we are participating in?

A smile crosses my face even as I pen these words onto this fitness blog. This saying has been repeated by me to family, friends, and personal training clients for years and I meant it too. But I wasn’t admitting defeat at all. Fact is the objective generally exercise oriented had been demonstrated and explained so many times I knew they should be advanced in the execution. When you are advanced in the execution of an exercise the result is your certain Fitness Rush.

Sometimes silently and sometimes with a loud physical appearance we each think we have or can have the perfect body. I’m proud to say many of my friends near and far when you first meet them have the perfect body. They exercise with precision and are hungry to study and learn more about nutrition, exercise, and anything which has a positive impact on their physical being and appearance.

Subjectivity is the actual gauge which defines a perfect body. I’ve been to countless body building shows, fitness shows, and modeling contests, and noticed imperfections on each stage with every single contestant. Though I’m not perfect I do sometimes play one on TV, is a line I present to my friends when I hear them critique another.

Realistically to our benefit and the benefit of those around us there is one constant and that is change. This morning I may be in perfect physical form however if I eat processed foods like a slob, chain smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol in excess all day, then when I go to bed this evening I will not feel wellness. Alternatively if I am thankful for the physical state I’m in and desire to be stronger my nutrition decisions and exercise actions will improve my body and outlook on life’s journey.

We each live in an imperfect world and our immediate surroundings will improve once we improve ourselves. There have been days when I have slowed down, smiled, looked around and verbally said to myself and another this is a perfect day. To be clear the definition of my perfect day originated internally and as I looked around felt the surrounding environment enhanced my emotion.

Each of us when our minds are right desire a better body and we can achieve this objective when we consistently rest properly, eat natural foods and the less processed foods the better, think loving thoughts, and exercise in a fun dynamic environment. When you exercise from beginner level to advanced each and every time you benefit your body with increased circulation and healthy heart action. Your exercise may be to walk around your yard and admire the new seasons flowers on a cool winter day. Move more and you will enjoy a better body and healing effects.

Yes when you improve your body mentally, physically, and spiritually, you also help our imperfect world look a little healthier. Agree or not we are one with our planet and with one another. We share and grow from many of the same energies indifferent to our origin, religion, skin color, or academic background. Our bodies display perfection or imperfection and each will improve when we exercise healthy options.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush.

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