Hey Walter - just wanted to let you know that I received the gym delivery comfortably within the range I requested and it is an amazing fit for my home. I appreciate the seamless communications with you in getting this done.


Hey Walter. The ab bench arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. Well wrapped and secure on the pallet. It is now installed in my Alpine Room along with my 200 German Bier mugs and climbing gear. Thanks for your good service. I really appreciate it when things work the way they should.



Got the abench on Monday, got it in the house on Tuesday. Thanks for the great transaction and all of your help! Have a great 2013!


Just received them. They are really nice. Good doing business with you. Now if you can find me a nice used rack that'll hold 10 pairs of pro style dumbbells I'd be even happier.looking forward to doing business with you again. If you find it please contact me ASAP. Thanks again.

-Anthony Musco

I was a skeptic at first, but it turns out this piece of equipment really works great. It can handle some pretty heavy weight also. Thanks for the help.

-Jeremy Goodman

Good Morning Rush, I got the Stairmaster around 4:30 yesterday. I'm very pleased as it worked perfectly right off the truck. Thanks a lot for your patience and your obvious regard for customer service. I was a little surprised at the size of the cybex plate horn, but it was a pleasant surprise. I'll never need more storage for plates. I'm definitely interested in a few more pieces of equipment. One in particular is going to be a necessity soon. I was looking at the site yesterday and I'm going to order the three tier dumbell rack soon. I'll go through the regular ordering procedure. Thanks again for your service, dedication and delivery of good value products.

-Earl Folse

Hi Rush, thanks for keeping me informed. I am looking forward to getting the Stairmaster more than I can say. I will follow your directions upon delivery. I hope the mat is included in the shipment as I would not want to cause any damage from static discharge as the unit will be sitting on a carpet. I'm sorry I did not make the shipment for the dip/pull-up rack, but that was out of my price range anyway. Perhaps another time. Do you have any idea when the power rack and bench might be shipped? Together with the Stairmaster, these pieces will make up the bulk of my home gym. Thanks again Rush. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

-Earl Folse

Found the manual in the bottom of a box in the "trash" pile. Thanks for everything...weight room looks great! Bob was able to work out for the first time today!

-Susan Scandlon

Walter, Thanks for coming through. We got everything on Wednesday just as you said we would. We look forward to dealing w/ you in the future.

Thanks again, -Eric Olson

Thanks walter. just recieved the kettlebells. feel good. it has been 35yrs. since i last used them in england. now they seem to have made a comeback.i feel they build a unique type of strength and condtioning that translates well to martial arts. very happy with my purchases and appreciate the personal touch.

-yours in health, Peter

Walter, Thanks for coming through. We got everything on Wednesday just as you said we would. We look forward to dealing w/ you in the future.

-Eric Olson
Health/PE Instructor

"Wow, I love my Cyber Pullover! It is in great condition and the price is awesome. On going you all have my home business. Likewise, I am associated with several gyms. (-: "

-Chell Schneider
Ms. USA 2006 National Bodybuilding

"I received my Spirit Z500 and mat in good condition, have road tested same and am most pleased. Thanks for the quality service, advice, and reasonable price."

-Bruce Dikeman

"I received the bench yesterday. I was very happy with its condition and quality. Thank you. Do you have any good deals on treadmills?"


"I got the flex incline press machine today. I LOVE IT !! It is in nice condition and hits the upper chest perfect. Will work great after I finish my heavy dumbbell and barbell work. Thanks for the honest description, fast service, good wrapping & most of all the fair price. I will keep an eye on your site for more pieces that interest me."

-Larry Rice

"I received the Galena Gym on time and as described. Wow, it exceeded my expectations. I will recommend Fitness Rush to anyone, and have to all my friends. Thanks for your great service."

-Kirk Murdock

"The treadmill was delivered and looks great. I'll plug it in tomorrow and get a workout. Thanks!"


I found the machine you sent. It is in excellent shape and Is everything we hoped for! THANX A BUNCH!!!!!


We will share our experience at Fitness Rush with everyone we know!

-Randy Coe

Placed my order July 1st. Receieved it today (July 6th). Everything came in perfect condition. Very pleased!



Thanks again. Not only did you give me a very good deal, but you two are super to work with. Dont hesitate to reach out if you need a reference or anything similar.



The equipment arrived on schedule and was in mint condition but for missing one bolt on the smith machine.  The bolt was easily replaced at the local hardware store.  I must say I am very impressed and pleased with the purchase and once I determine what room I have left I will be giving you a call.

Thank you very much.
Have a great day.