BodyCraft Squat Rack Half Cage F460


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BodyCraft Squat Rack Half Cage F460 $799 with Free Shipping at Fitness Rush Atlanta

Powerful Leg exercises such as Squats and Lunges will always be the power strength workouts our Lower body and Core muscles need. When you want to exercise effectively then engage your Fitnessrush team near Atlanta Georgia. We ship all over the continental USA. Strong Leg workouts require safe result oriented leg exercises. This BodyCraft Squat Rack which is also a Half Cage with chin up bar is durable enough for Athletic Trainers, Coach’s, Personal Trainers, and light commercial applications all over the USA. BodyCraft has built this nice Half Cage aka Squat Rack to insure your legs are toned and flexible to enjoy functional lower body strength training correctly. The optional adjustable spotter arms provide you confidence your weight lifting opportunities are safe with customized height adjustments so you can place the spotter arms at the bottom of your range of motion during max heavy lifts. A definite outstanding feature of this squat rack is that the olympic bar has a designated Olympic Bar Holder on the front of the BodyCraft Half Cage, as well as the strong Olympic Weight Plate horns to keep your Olympic Bar and Olympic weight plates right where you need them to be. Weight Lifters around the world know the value and strength required for correct chin up exercises. This BodyCraft Half Cage has a chin up bar so in between your Leg exercises, or Chest Press exercises, or shoulder press workouts, you can super set your upper body routine with Chin ups. With the chin up bar added to the Half Cage you can also do all types of Core workouts such as hanging knee raises and much more body weight functional training.

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For true functional training with safe effective surroundings this BodyCraft Squat Rack Half Cage F460 is your answer. Athletic endeavors of all levels will be complimented while enjoying flexibility to exercise every muscle group your workout needs each session. With a solid footprint and nice open rack you can perform Squat exercises as well as my favorite lower body exercise Lunges knowing you can replace your barbell with comfortable height Barbell catches up and down the rack. Your workout sessions will be much more efficient and quicker between sets with the sturdy Olympic Plate holders attached and positioned exactly where they need to be to help you benefit greatly from your workout routine. The laser cut Barbell hooks are located for athletes who want to lift strong at a comfortable starting position. Your Back, Core, Arms, and heart health will benefit from the attached stable Chin up bar with options from wide to narrow grips.

The BODYCRAFT Squat Rack Half Cage features stylish 3.25″ X 1.75″ 12 Gauge Oval tubing, and .25″ thick laser cut bar hooks allowing it to handle up to 800 lbs!

  • Multi-grip Chin Up Bar
  • Four Olympic Weight Plate Holders
  • Vertical Olympic Bar Storage

Built For You

  • Rugged 12 gauge, 3.25″ x 1.75″ Oval Steel Tubing
  • 1/4″ THICK Laser Cut Bar Hooks
  • Four Olympic Weight Plate Holders
  • Multi-Grip Chin Bar
  • Vertical Olympic Bar Storage
  • Rated For Use Up To 800 Pounds!


  • Light Commercial: 10 year frame*, 2 years parts*, 6 months wear items*
  • Residential: Life frame*, Life parts*
  • Club: none

*Warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship. Does not apply to normal wear and tear. See manual for details.


  • Rugged 12 gauge, 3.25″ x 1.75″ Oval Steel Tubing
  • Four Olympic Weight Plate Holders
  • Multi-Griph Chin Bar
  • Vertical Olympic Bar Storage
  • Dimensions: 73 W x 48″ L x 82.5″ H


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