Body Solid Pro Select Inner & Outer Thigh Machine GIOT-STK


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Body Solid Pro Select Inner & Outer Thigh Machine $1825 at Fitness Rush Atlanta

Fitness Rush near Atlanta Georgia provides quality exercise equipment for all levels of athletes and this Body Solid Inner and Outer Thigh Machine is a great resource for proper wellness results. Call on folks who enjoy lifting each day and look forward to serving others who enjoy fitness. We enjoy earning your business.

Toned legs are an asset to any physique and yours will benefit greatly with consistent exercise on this inner and outer thigh machine. Built right and priced right to help you become stronger and more flexible with your lower body. Easy to use pop pin adjustments for quick and safe workouts. This leg machine allows you to perform leg adduction exercises and or leg abduction exercises with a quick pop in adjustment. Your resistance is your choice and within reach of the inner and outer thigh seat. Own better legs than anyone on your block and feel better during and after each leg workout routine. This is a commercial leg machine that fits well in your full on gym or will certainly enhance your personal workout space.


 Trim and tone those trouble spots with the Inner & Outer Thigh Machine. Do both abductor/adductor exercises from one seated position. 5 range of motion adjustments accommodate users of all sizes. A lumbar supported adjustable back pad, swiveling knee pads and no cable change design provide the quality, comfort and ease of use necessary to achieve great results.


 Combines both abductor and adductor exercises in one seated position

  • 5 range of motion adjustments to accommodate users of all sizes
  • No cable change design with swiveling knee pads provides comfort and convenience
  • Side stability handles for better positioning
  • 210lb. Stack included. Optional 310lb. stack

Dimensions: product weight 411 pounds, Width: 65 inches, Length: 62.50 inches, Height: 70 inches

WARRANTY: This product has a Full Commercial Rating and features a Lifetime Warranty on Frames, welds, weight plates & guide rods. 3 Years on Pulleys, bushing, bearings & hardware. 1 Year on cables, upholstery, grips and all other components. In Home; This product features a Lifetime Warranty for in-home, personal usage. Pads, pulleys, cables, frames, and everything in between is covered for as long as you own the equipment. Period.

Fitness Rush is located in Buford Georgia just north of Atlanta near the Mall of Georgia on Satellite Blvd in Gwinnett County. Free delivery nationwide is curbside. We can provide optional assembly and installation and price accordingly in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama when needed. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.



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