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Your Barbell Buying Guide

As you may know, shopping for equipment to furnish your gym
is not a quick and easy task. You have to take the time to research,
understand, and compare your options. One piece of equipment that you’ll find
in almost every gym is the barbell.

We’ve previously discussed what to look for when purchasing kettlebells,
so today we thought that we’d move forward on our mission to reduce your
equipment anxiety, and shed some light on shopping for barbells.

If you’re on the market for a new set of barbells, then here
are the main features that you should take into consideration.

Barbell Length

Barbells come in lengths from 4 feet to roughly 7.2 feet.
The size that you choose will depend on what type of workout you’re planning to do. For example, longer barbells are better for squats and bench presses, and
require a wider stance, while shorter bars are better for wrist curls. You
should also think about how much space you’ll have to work out in, as bigger,
bulkier equipment may not be suitable.

Barbell Diameter

The diameter of a barbell is usually 1 or 2 inches, and as
you can imagine, the thicker the bar, the harder it is to lift. So, if your
goal is to bulk up your forearms, then a thicker bar is better. There are also
attachments available to add thickness to a barbell. If you use weight plates, make sure that your barbells are the same diameter, so they fit

Barbell Strength

One essential
feature of a reliable barbell is that it’s able to effectively support the
amount of weight you’re lifting, without bending or losing form. It’s extremely
important to make sure that the barbell is not permanently bent.

The lighter or standard
bars are roughly 25 pounds, while the heavier or Olympic bars are about 45 pounds. Olympic bars are most commonly
used in gyms, as they’re easier to grip and are best suited for heavy-duty

These are three particularly important items to note while
shopping for barbells. At Fitness Rush, we carry the highly convenient York Barbell Garage Gym Package, which contains a training bar, bumper plates, and more to
provide you with plenty of strength and aerobic options.

For all of your gym equipment and accessory needs, please
visit us today at Fitness Rush, or call us toll free at 770-712-5392. If there
is a particular piece of equipment that you would like to learn more about,
then please share it here, and we’ll feature it in a future post. 

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