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Workout to Workout

I workout to workout

Several times in my health & wellness walk I have encountered strange folks who say, “I don’t like to workout”. Then they say something else I interpret as crazy like, “I like the results of working out but I don’t like to workout”.

Yeah to me that is crazy talk! As a adult or anyone past the age of 12 you understand fully that you don’t get something for nothing. Who enjoys the act of riding their bicycle through the mountains of North Georgia without first experiencing scratched up knees learning how to ride? Working out is fun, great friends have been born and matured during and after workouts.
To hit the gym in early morn is a blessing and strong first steps of a new day. When you stretch out your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, you feel your body move. To feel your body move in ways your normal daily walk doesn’t encourage is a physical Fitness Rush. You realize the energy your body stores and utilizes with relative ease. You realize as you use the energy you have your muscles glow and grow. Increased circulation with positive controlled exercise is very beneficial to producing more daily smiles. When you can walk up stairs comfortably and actually don’t mind parking farther away from the store front door so you can walk a bit more outside, your an exercise winner.

I enjoy working out and of course smile when my walk even with outside resistance is easier. Your outer and inner strength is connected directly. With more strength you enjoy and grow from resistance. Any gym rat who exercises regular and I mean the folks who exercise consistently for years understand positive resistance. People who exercise actually seek out positive resistance to increase their strength levels.

With over 30 years of fitness industry experience the evolution witnessed has been very positive. I remember when I first began exercising regularly in Jackson Mississippi at JoGo’s Gym near the old mall, almost every piece of exercise equipment was welded by individual gym rats or friends who could weld from a hand drawn picture. No air conditioned areas, concrete floors with holes where guys had dropped weights, torn upholstery that would rub your skin off. The smell of sweaty workouts and guttural grunts under massive weight was unique.
L A Fitness gyms, Planet Fitness, Crunch, upper end YMCA’s, have helped exercise be cleaner, and more functional. Thankfully most of these gyms keep up with new fitness trends though most trends come and go. At least the members get exposure to diversified workout options and some good trainers and classes blossom from these trends.

Workouts should not be drudgery ever for the participant. You always have the option to lay around and be unhealthy. Preventive maintenance will become more important as health insurance options increase in financial value. Besides having to be sick and lose money and smile time, just exercise a bit each day. Old workout rules are just that, “old”. Create the workout or exercise plan you will look forward to performing each day. Some say well you should only workout 3 times a week. My questions would be do you only eat 3 days a week? Do you only use the bathroom 3 days a week? Do you only sleep 3 days a week? I could go on but I think you get my drift. If you want good circulation and to be stronger only 3 days a week then your leaving some benefits on the table by being lazy. Each of our bodies do better with routine and regular healthy routine that includes exercise. Try ping pong with someone you can beat. Then play ping pong with a challenger. Either way you get positive exercise and even your brain works a bit for hand to eye coordination while you exercise your legs, core, back, shoulders, and chest. Of course heart rate gets some action too so ping pong for all.

Crop Fit is good, Fitness Rush is better! Oh yeah, I said it Fitness Rush is better than Crop Fit. How about a great thank you to SubWay for introducing a unique term and actually very reliable when implemented to increase fitness and exercise options, Crop Fit? First time I heard it I was bummed I hadn’t thought of that first. Then I got to thinking what a great way for each of us to get exercise and grow our own proper nutrition. Crop Fit could be the new standard for total body workouts and nutrition avenues. Workouts would be fun because eating natural food is certainly fun. I should get my creative buddies Brett A. & Jorge to design some Crop Fit exercise equipment.

For me to grow in knowledge of how others enjoy their workouts is beneficial to my walk. When I hear of a certain workout which no doubt provides wellness I’m on it like white on rice. A good trainer is trainable. Stale workouts are not fun workouts. New creative functional workouts are challenging and most definitely fun, always healthy.
Workout to enjoy your workouts both during the events and long after each. Your body will be happier and healthier with increased total body wellness. Isn’t this what we all want for ourselves, families, and friends? Let’s be the examples we want others to follow.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush

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