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​Why We Do What We Do When We Do It

So you want to be an astronaut? Yesterday you wanted to be the guy who got to hang on the back of the garbage truck and ride around town and wave at folks as you hung one handed on the side of the truck.

I’m a home boy so between the two preceding opportunities as I grew up I generally chose garbage truck guy because I like sleeping in my own house each night no matter the size. In reality I haven’t experienced astronaut flying or garbage truck hanging, however I have been in flight in many vehicles and even today I like hanging on my pick up and riding through the woods.

Kinda like other subliminal actions and attitudes why we do what we do when we do it is sometimes easy to understand and sometimes not. A great living example is my lifelong vocation of enjoying the fitness industry. Fortunately because I observed the city trends and opportunity levels with my chosen vocation I moved from the rural south to Florida then to metro Atlanta. Each transition wasn’t always smooth yet I was confident in my worthy objective of being able to help other people get healthier and stronger so they could help other people get healthier and stronger persisted. Simultaneously I knew my results would also be measured by my success in compensation as our surroundings measure most efforts.

Generally our society here in the good old USA measure success with dollars. Who doesn’t think Mark Zuckerberg isn’t successful? Who doesn’t think Bill Gates isn’t successful? Well I’m not so sure I believe they are successful however I measure success differently than sheeple.

Perhaps some will say I choose other measuring elements because I don’t have millions in the bank. Perhaps they are correct but I have my proven doubts. Today after over 30 years of personal experience in the fitness industry and seeing the positive mental and physical transformation of hundreds of folks I’m confident I prefer a lifelong smile rather than several thousand dollars.

Today I walk my talk with a smile. Fortunately whether I live in Jackson Mississippi, Ft Walton Beach Florida, Atlanta Georgia, or Anniston Alabama people need direction to be stronger with increased flexibility and endurance. My heart smiles when others allow me to help them increase their strength during the first exercise routine and fun workout. When friends get on their bikes and ride with me and we laugh my heart smiles. When my friends ask me to help them move heavy furniture that they didn’t think we could do ourselves my heart smiles.

I am a blessed man to be able to know full well how to help others be stronger with a smile on their face and laughter. When we laugh and smile we each want to pass this joy onto others and show them why we smile and laugh. This is another great reason to do what we do when we want to do it.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush.

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