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Three Tips For Reaching Your Fitness Goals

In our last post, we outlined the fundamentals of designing
a feasible workout routine for yourself. Once you’ve established those
parameters, what does it actually take to reach your fitness goals? After all,
what’s the point of all that hard work, if you simply can’t reap any benefits
from it?

Be Realistic and

Oftentimes, people plan their routine based on unrealistic
goals. Setting your expectations too high can just make the process
overwhelming and frustrating.

Understand your limits, and break down those lofty goals
into smaller, measurable ones that CAN be achieved in a reasonable amount of
time. For example, you could set a goal of taking a fifteen minute walk everyday,
preparing healthy recipes a few times a week, or losing ten pounds in one

By setting realistic goals, you are setting yourself up for
success rather than disappointment, and are not putting your health at risk.

Write it All Down

Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, write
them down! With everything in one place, you have a way to consistently track
your progress, and hold yourself accountable. By placing these written goals in
a place where you will see them everyday, you can stay motivated and on track. Diet
and exercise go hand in hand, therefore, it’s recommended that you also take note of
what you’re eating, so you don’t counteract your fitness progress.

Mistakes Are OK

If you happen to get off track, don’t beat yourself up.
Instead of feeling let down, be aware of what set you back, and use it to plan
accordingly moving forward. If you allow small slip-ups to put a damper on your
progress and motivation, then you most certainly will not meet your goals.

Finally, though you may experience some ups and downs in
working towards your fitness goals, it’s important to periodically reward
yourself when you reach a new exercise milestone. This will help you enjoy
every step along the way, and give you a reason to keep going.

Are you struggling to make your fitness dreams a reality?
Try putting these tips into practice, and you’ll soon see the difference in
your overall mood and wellbeing.

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