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​The morning after the night before, smiles or regrets?

Smile were multiplied on the heart bank of my family yesterday with no regrets for diverse actions.

As I awoke Thanksgiving morning a smile crossed my face as I remembered to help a few friends celebrate their birthday. The joy to know we have grown to celebrate another milestone is always a good thing no matter the past challenges. Both of my friends celebrating yesterday have experienced challenges and both inspire me to smile more each time I have opportunity to see them. Don’t you enjoy your friends who seemingly no matter what is on their plate always have a smile on their face and cause you to smile as well?

After I shared in their personal holiday celebration my travels for the day placed me in the presence of additional friends who needed a hand to accomplish some of their objectives. As we worked together in the cool southern weather we all warmed up as we shared laughter and pleasure achieving the days objectives better than we had projected. For our Thanksgiving lunch we enjoyed local bar-b-que sandwiches and in fact since we weren’t stuffed with turkey and trimmings we were all able to resume our days objectives quite quickly. Later on we increased our nutrition intake to not only refuel but also add an additional piece of sweet potato pie to the meal. I mean you know I did burn extra calories performing excessive manual labor earlier in the day all the while knowing I could eat more without negative consequences.

Today is the morning after the night before and gladly no regrets, only smiles on top of smiles when reflecting on yesterday. The anticipation of another day dawning as I drink a cup of coffee with local honey infusion presents excitement. Excitement to know I am involved in a vocation with the objective to help other people get healthier and stronger. After a day of feasting each of us become aware that perhaps we do need to move our bodies more in order to achieve our worthy objectives of increased healthy smiles. We all smile more when we are healthy and strong enough to perform the duties of the day with our families and friends.

When my friends call on me to help them I know the reason is kinda like when they call on me about my pick up truck. Every guy knows when you get a pick up truck at some point a friend is going to call to borrow it and preferably your strength as well to assist the move. Some people male or female may initially have objections about loaning their truck and their time. However when each of us help our friends in a way they can’t help themselves for lack of tools or strength we end the day happy we could be a positive part of anothers walk.

With the many reasons we all have to be thankful lets each do our part to help others smile additionally today. Let’s use the strengths we have and we all have some way to help others smile mentally, physically, or spiritually. Heck my day is brightest even when I don’t know the person who seems to be smiling just sitting in the barber shop, Waffle House, or other area I’m passing through. My face uncontrollably smiles as well and for this I’m happy. Let’s pass on smiles this season and share the gifts which only cost us a bit of fun energy. Let’s all share reasons to enjoy your Fitness Rush.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush.

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