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Space Saving Ideas for Your Home Gym

We’ve discussed how to set up your very own home gym, and
how to create an atmosphere that is conducive to a productive workout.

Not everyone has a gigantic room available complete with
wall mirrors, speakers, machines of all types, and flat screen TVs, like many
commercial gyms. But, that shouldn’t prevent you from designing an effective
and enticing workout space within your means.

With these space-saving ideas, you can transform that lost
little corner of your home into a fully functional gym without breaking your
pocket book.


Proper storage makes it easy to organize and quickly access
your equipment. Begin by clearing away all the clutter and distractions, such
as electronics, paper piles, or anything that may hinder your workout.

Shelves, baskets, and some storage racks like this one, can be used to store smaller equipment like jump ropes, resistance bands,
and hand weights, while there are also weight racks designed to
hold larger weights, and stability ball racks for convenient and neat storage.

Compact Equipment

You know that a good gym starts with the right equipment.
When you’re crammed in a small space, the last thing you need is a gargantuan
piece of equipment. But, you don’t need it to become a strong athlete, and
achieve your fitness goals. It’s best to look for compact, easy to stow
equipment, which will not simply occupy crucial floor space.

For example, Body-Solid provides the Endurance Folding Treadmill TF3i, a reliable, state-of-the-art machine conveniently
designed for the home user. It comes equipped with a clever folding mechanism
and mobile transport for easy stowage after each session of use.

Likewise, you can build your stamina and lower body strength
within the confines of your tiny gym with the help of the BodyCraft VR200 Pro Rowing Machine. It utilizes modern technology and shares the same
features as the larger machines, yet lacks the bulkiness.

If you’re looking for the right foundation for a strength
training routine without the massive machinery, then you would also benefit
from the Best Fitness FID Folding Bench, a versatile, ready to use bench that can be
folded up after each workout. It’s cost-effective, but still provides the ideal
setup for a variety of exercises.

These are just some of the options you have in setting up
your home gym within a tight space. For more affordable new and used fitness
equipment and accessories, please visit us today at Fitness Rush.

How have you made the most of your small fitness space?
Share your ideas with us here, and please stay tuned for healthy tips, buyer’s
guides, industry news, and much more. 

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