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​Some Old Habits Are Hard To Break – Some Are OK To Keep

Some old habits are hard to break. Some are ok to keep. When I notate a day date since I was in the Army I have written the day numeral first then abbreviate the month then last two digits of the year as in today 7Jan16. I have used this format since I was “gently” encouraged by my drill sergeants to write the date that way. The only time this format is a challenge is when some application demands a different way then I have to slow down and remember how to write the date the civilian way. It’s an old habit and I’m not trying to break it. In the big scheme of things this is a “small deal”, it’s ok to keep. And since this causes no harm to others or myself I will keep what I comfortably have learned. As a positive side note, when I do write this format those who are in or have been in the military appreciate the familiar format and we talk fondly of our service for our Country.

With each New Year beginning I see TV commercials marketing weight loss medications, discounted gym memberships, and new opportunities to become a slimmer you with new fad exercise tools & workout programs. As a veteran in the fitness industry my buddies and I laugh knowing the masses who sign up in the gyms for the most part will dissipate by March or before. The crowded gyms may retain 10% of the new members at best and unfortunately the gym owners don’t care if you stay or go. They have your money under contract and with many gyms offering less than twenty dollar memberships the hassle of trying to get out of the contract is not worth it for you so you allow the gym to keep the money. Reward for gym owner, loss for member; but not the loss you first wanted.

Fact is if you stayed at the gym of your choice and exercised consistently at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour you would feel and look better. Your investment in your membership would be very rewarding and your health would be as well. This year when you join a gym or commit to a fitness program how about immediately writing down an objective attainable for the short term. A 30 day objective is one I find easier to maintain regarding eating or not eating certain foods, like say no soda pop for 30 days. Also I like 30 day objectives for my health like say reduce my waist size by a belt hole, this also is in hand with reducing soda pop.

Exercise burns calories and for me as a mature adult allows me to say flexible and stronger than my peers. My exercise routine sometimes consists of free standing squats, leg lifts on the floor, bicycle riding, push ups, and anything that provokes me to move more. I don’t necessarily go to the gym to exercise and in fact that is only a small part of my exercise options. I prefer to be outside and working out with family & friends. Since I work in an exercise store of course I exercise throughout the day on different exercise tools.

Use the many opportunities you are around each and every day to move more to enjoy a healthier day and outlook. I remember the first article I read many moons ago about how much exercise your body received from using a vacuum. I was skeptical until I started using one then when I awoke the next day to a sore back I realized my core needed more work. The same effect when you rake a yard for a long period of time, your body lets you know where you are weak. Fortunately there is not an age limit on feeling better and moving more. When you exercise in whatever way you prefer you will receive favored results and be thankful.

When you need to kick your exercise routine up a notch and want effective exercise tools please check out our website or contact us via email or phone and we will be glad to help you get healthier and stronger.

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