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Sleep and Fitness – What’s the Connection?

You know how valuable sleep is in your overall health and
wellbeing. It helps your mental and physical health, and assists in growth and
development. If you’re here, then you also probably know how important it is to
remain physically fit. Is there a connection between sleep and fitness?

Recent studies have shown
that better sleep is linked to better physical performance. While people
frequently turn to caffeine and other performance-enhancing supplements,
experts say that the most essential key to better physical fitness is a good
night’s sleep.

Furthermore, losing sleep can negatively affect your mood,
attitude, slow your reaction times, reduce accuracy, impede your stamina, and
reduce your energy overall, which means a less productive workout, and weaker

Likewise, after a strenuous fitness routine, restorative
sleep is vital for recovery.It allows your body to recharge and replenish
nutrients, and strengthens the bones and muscles. If you don’t give yourself
this recovery time, then your physical abilities will be severely limited,
especially if you engage in strength training.

Exercise can affect your health in different ways; it
reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and increases sleep duration. If you
exercise early morning or in the afternoon, then this may help reset the sleep
cycle by raising body temperature slightly, then allowing it to drop, which
triggers sleepiness. If done on a regular basis, as little as 10 minutes of any
form of exercise can dramatically improve the way you sleep.

In short, sleep must be part of your exercise routine, no
matter whether you are a professional athlete, or just starting out. There are
a few steps you can take to begin improving your quality of sleep and in turn,
your physical ability.

First, try to maintain a regular schedule—go to bed and wake
up at the same time each day, next, cut down on all alcohol and caffeine consumption,
stay well hydrated, get organized to reduce stress, and finally, make sure that
you include some amount of physical activity each and every day.

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