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Should I Buy A Squat Rack?

Buy Squat Rack

When deciding on what exercise equipment to stock your home
gym with, you will be faced with many options.
The most common and important factors to consider are…

1) How much can you spend?

2) What do you want to achieve – physically?

3) What each piece of exercise apparatus can do for you.

If you currently lift weights or want to begin lifting weights, then one
exercise machine that you may be considering for your home gym is a Squat Rack
(aka Power Racks).

You may be under the impression that this exercise apparatus
is just for lower body workouts, but you would be inaccurate. There’s much more that you can do with them
and it’s worth investigating so that you can make the best decision possible.

You can purchase Squat Racks with or without an adjustable bench, barbell and

How Much Do Squat Racks Cost?

There are many different options when it comes to purchasing a power rack.

1) You can purchase a new or used unit.

2) You can add accessories such as a bench, barbell, etc.

3) The quality of the apparatus itself.

Prices can range anywhere from $150.00 all the way to $1500.00 (some can be
even more).

What Can A Squat Rack Do For Your Body?

There are multiple sets of exercises that you can perform using a squat
rack. Seven of the best ones are…

1) Squats

2) Deadlifts

3) Overhead Presses

4) Barbell Lunges

5) Chin Ups

6) Pullups

7) Hanging Leg Raises

Read More about the steps on how to properly perform each
one of these.

What Can Each Of These Exercises Do For Your Body?

Squats – Almost every lower body workout includes squats. It’s an excellent toning and strengthening
exercise for your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Deadlifts – You may not realize it, but deadlifts are a total body
workout. You need a lot of flexibility
in your hips, spine and ankles to properly perform deadlifts. And obviously, performing this exercise will
increase your overall strength, core muscles, lower body and upper body

Overhead Presses – Are an excellent upper body
workout and of course, the amount of weight you press determines the amount of
strength and toning you will achieve from this exercise.

Barbell Lunges – A great way to “beef up” regular squats
is to workout your lower body with barbell lunges. It’s not only good for strengthening, this
exercise will also work on improving the flexbility in your hips and your core

Chin Ups – It may not seem evident at first but chin
ups are excellent for upper body AND your core muscles. It’s a simple and perfect exercise for
building a better and stronger you.

Pullups – Where chin ups work on your biceps, pullups
work on your triceps. The change is in
the placement position of your hands. But
overall, pullup exercises are as effective and beneficial as chin up exercises.

Hanging Leg Raises – To get amazing workouts with a
simple but very effective exercise, try hanging leg raises on your squat
rack. This works your Lats, all the
muscles of your midsection, your lower body and your upper body. It’s a perfect exercise.

What Can The Squat Rack Do For You?

In a nutshell, this wonderful and simple piece of exercise equipment could be a
perfect compliment to your home gym.

The series of exercises that you can perform on it would help you achieve the
body you are working out for.

Which Are The Best Squat Stands For Your Home?

There are many options to choose from and of course, the best piece of exercise
equipment for you would be one that fits your space, your budget and your

We encourage you to come see our large selection of new and used exercise
including Squat Racks at Fitness Rush in the Atlanta, Ga. area. Call us with any questions you may have about
exercise equipment – our number is 770-712-5392.

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