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Shaky Workouts Are Better

As healthy worthwhile debates may continue to influence life changing walks, I hope mine will be positive & increase strength.

Working out has been my income producing walk for over 30 years and I have enjoyed almost every minute.

Several benefits to having a business which provides quality exercise equipment and of course the main one to me is actually working out on as much of the exercise equipment as I can before I sell it. Most recently I had a slow down from exercise because of a sinus issue with the seasons changing in beautiful Anniston Alabama.

This morning before dawn was the first day back in workout mode after a week layoff. With an interesting twist I decided to concentrate on my weakest muscle groups which are legs and shoulders. My last circuit regimen consisted of what most consider Crossfit but are in reality exercises which have engaged compound movements from the beginning when ice blocks were first kettlebell inspiration. Hey nothing wrong with a mans inspiration to put his brand on a cluster of exercises. Joe Weider was first to tell me making a workout sheet with 2 different movements like lat pulldown and mid rows performed simultaneously is a “Super Set”. Dang had I known that the exercises my buddies and I were performing were “Super” we could have canned the term.

Just think today I did a “Confusion Principle” workout. I do have a specific name that I will one day open to the public once complete. A couple of friends have tried the workout and after one set stand up walk sideways with their head cocked and say “wow”. Instant strength gain is rare in the traditional “monkey see, money do” sheeple walking, gym following. I want you to know I’m pro Crossfit especially since I have met some great Bama owners who care about their participants. I’m pro any exercise trend that helps others safely get stronger. Spinning was great when it first rolled through Atlanta and I enjoyed being a certified Spin instructor who rode with Johnny G more than once in group trainer rides. I also rode with instructors who induced exercise asthma. Or perhaps they weren’t instructors as others had ridden. All exercise trends should be good for you and fun most days. When I train my friends laughter is as essential as sweating.

Today I laughed even though no one else was present during my leg exercise. When you train for over 30 years in the gym and you experience a leg shaking sensation you had totally forget you can recover from, it is funny. So as I stepped away from my suspended lunges I could feel the stretch in my adductors and abductors. When you stretch out that much your muscles will be happy happy happy. So happy they may be jumping up and down inside your leg and that is what makes it shake. Happy, happy, happy, makes shaky workouts better.

Commit to be fit,

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