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Setting Up Your Home Gym: A Beginner’s Guide

Like so many others, you may have made a promise to yourself
to start getting into shape. But all too often, people decide that gym memberships
are too expensive, and in turn, simply give up on achieving those exercise

Even though fitness may be a foreign subject to you, that
shouldn’t stop you from learning and becoming a strong, confident athlete.
There is a smarter alternative to quitting that will save you both money and
time—setting up your very own home gym. With so many types of gym equipment
available on the market, it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming,
especially for a new buyer.

For this reason, we’re showing you exactly what to look for,
and how to go about putting together your ideal home gym within your budget. 

(1) Location and

Before you even think about choosing equipment, you need to
determine your gym space. Think about what will resonate with you and keep you
motivated when you’re working out—how do you want to feel, what do you want to
see and hear?

Also, establish your budget, and exactly how much space
you’re planning to use. While you may think otherwise, you really don’t need
that much space to get started. It’s actually best to start small with some basics,
and over time, expand as you see fit.

Once you know this, you’re almost ready to start furnishing
your gym!

(2) Essential Elements

There are a few necessities that your home gym should have
in place even before any equipment comes in:

  • Ventilation
    Setting up in a dingy basement corner or garage that’s poorly ventilated
    can be hazardous to your health, and will make any workout extremely
    uncomfortable. It’s vital to have at least a couple windows and/or an
    oscillating fan to keep it cool.
  • Lighting
    – Proper lighting is often overlooked in home gym design, but it’s necessary to
    make the room more inviting and energizing, literally. If you like working out
    in the daytime, then consider natural lighting from windows and skylights, but
    if you prefer evening workouts, then artificial lighting like ceiling lights
    will work best. Lamps and floor fixtures may restrict your space for equipment.
  • Strong
    –More often than not, the floors of your gym should be able to effectively
    withstand heavy use, in particular, if you plan to include weightlifting
    equipment, and is also easy to clean. Some good flooring options are rubber matting or tiling, or synthetic
    hard floors.

(3) Which Equipment
to Get?

Once you’ve got your space in order, it’s time to start
equipment shopping! You can make the most appropriate purchase if you have a
clear understanding of your fitness goals. For example, are you aiming for
weight loss, heart health, building strength? If you have a training plan in
mind, then you’ll just need the right tools to help you accomplish those goals.

Also, you should be able to perform those desired exercise
routines under safe conditions. If this is not possible, then eliminate the
corresponding equipment from your shopping list.

At Fitness Rush, we carry everything that you’ll need to
design a well-rounded gym well within your budget—free weights of all types designed to work
every area of your body, reliable and versatile cardio equipment, as
well as gym systems, and
even accessories, like weight racks and fitness

If you still need some help in creating your ideal home gym,
please visit us today at Fitness Rush, and
we’ll be happy to help you! 

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