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Refreshing Controversy

Refreshing controversy would be a better topic in todays headlines.

In a day and time when outrageous is accepted and healthy steps are controversial one has to wonder if the end result will be wellness.

Since the beginning of my personal understanding and even today our surroundings allow us to accept or deny influences. Even when I discuss life with my friends I acknowledge that I must sift throughout their personal preferences and decide what steps are healthy for me and my walk to success. Herein lies the reason many others are easily confused when a man says or acts in a manner which doesn’t go with the flow.

To view a mans results of his actions and his words you often have the opportunity to determine if his walk is real by simply looking at his family or his business. Family and business is where a man generally invest most of his time and eventually the real man is defined. So when I see a man who has succeeded in one or the other and or both then I take notice. Success can be defined as “a progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.

Too often we get caught up in trying to please others and lose focus if we ever had one. When a man determines what is healthy for him and his family and walks toward this objective no matter the outside influences the end results are amazing and good. Certainly when one has different views and steps to achieving his objective outsiders who don’t share the same goal may be confused. Does that mean the man should discontinue his walk? When one offends me because of different views I do not stop walking toward my objective to better health. Why should an opinion different from mine distract me? Thankfully we all each morning enjoy the power of choice.

The biographies I have read about Trump, Iacocca, Babe Ruth, Lance Armstrong, and others all have a common denominator. Each of them focused on their personal objective and even when others proclaimed they were wrong continued progressive steps to help themselves, their families, and others be successful.

Perhaps we should take notice that many of our true leaders Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, The Pope, included endured hardships which some thought were the right steps to correctly project. Many of us lose concentration on our worthy ideals however we can decide to get on track to success and renew our faith in ourselves and true examples of the success we desire.

My friends have often commented on my almost religious routine to be in bed earlier than 10 pm most evenings. My reasons are for better health. For me to watch each sunrise is refreshing, medicinal, and motivational to my days objectives. A good 8 hours of sleep allows me the renewing strength to exercise in all the ways I need to throughout the day. So I’m controversial in my sleep preferences, does this make me a bad person? In no way do my sleep preferences inflict harm on others.

I’m glad and blessed to know I live in the great USA where we can discuss our ideas without being put in jail. If I lose an acquaintance because of my sleep pattern preference, you can be assured I won’t lose sleep over it! I will walk strong and be amused with refreshing controversy. Oh and I may laugh when after you only received 3 hours of sleep I smile as I do more push ups and chin ups than you.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush.

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