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Most Common Equipment Questions Answered

You’ve finally decided to begin a fitness regimen, and to
make your health a priority. Congratulations! You are taking the crucial first
step towards creating and maintaining a better lifestyle.

However, when you’re new to the gym and fitness scene, it
can be difficult to even make sense of where and how to begin following this
path. In our experience, we frequently encounter customers just like this, who
are purchasing equipment for their very first time, and are clueless as to what
fits their particular needs.

While every individual is different, there are some fitness
questions that we’re asked time and again by first-time buyers. We thought we
would address some of these questions to hopefully make your shopping
experience a little bit smoother and less frightening.

Q: What is the most
essential equipment to start with on a budget?

A: Everyone can
benefit from strength training, which develops muscles and endurance, and the
simplest and most affordable way to begin is with a compact set of dumbbells, and to keep your
workout space organized, a dumbbell rack. Before you begin any strength training routine, you should consult a fitness
professional or someone with sufficient experience who can assist you in proper
use of the equipment.

Q: Do I really have
to spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment to get into shape?

A: NO. You can
certainly get into shape well within your budget. Once you have an
understanding of your particular goals and interests, you’ll have a better idea
of what types of equipment are right for you. But, no matter what, the most
essential ingredient is to get moving, which means your workout setup can be as
elaborate or as simple as you desire—running on a treadmill, jumping rope, using
an exercise ball, etc.
Just make sure that whatever you choose to do, you feel motivated and have fun
doing it!

Q: Will I become big
and bulky if I start exercising on weight equipment?

A: NO. This is a
myth perpetuated by those who are inexperienced. In a previous post, we shared
some of the fantastic benefits of beginning weightlifting—building bones and
muscle strength, burning more calories than you would in aerobic workouts, and
boosting cognitive functions, to name a few. Therefore, provided you have some
help, adding weightlifting to your exercise routine can only be beneficial for
your health.

Q: What should I look
for in choosing an exercise equipment provider?

A: Purchasing gym
equipment is an investment in your health, so it’s important to do your
research when making a decision. The provider you choose should be passionate
about their products and about the practice of physical fitness, and should
have expertise in the use of the products. As you’re shopping, you must also
inquire whether or not the provider can deliver, install, and service the
equipment that you are investing in.

At Fitness Rush,
we’re dedicated to following these principles each and every day, and we’re
prepared to help you find just the right exercise equipment that you’re looking
for within your budget, and to understand your options.

Do you have any equipment questions? Share them with us
here, and please visit us in store or call us toll free at 1-866-348-7874. 

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