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​Media Biased Agenda & Your Mothers Cornbread

To be hoodwinked is to unexpectedly realize that the information you have been receiving is false, in another words a bald faced lie.

If your like me the thought of wasting energy on futility is a bit disappointing. Thankfully with the advent of the iPad and my ability to be able to use it I now seemingly have more opportunities to read reporting from near and far. The intrigue of reading a new report from a different perspective in Bosnia, Russia, China, and the entire USA is a treat and another reason I can thank Steve Jobs for allowing a simplistic easy to use iPad. With a few clicks I am reading from scholars and researchers who have made inroads in all sorts of worthy objectives.

To be analytical throughout the day is not an avenue I set out to pursue each morning. However as I read news reports concerning Black Friday and Cyber Monday results and the emphasis focused on wage earning brought up repeatedly in the article I realize I’m being hood winked. Titles are supposed to draw in the inquisitive and help them understand more than the simple news makers. However when the article could have been better suited with another title I begin to wonder.

Individually we are a strong nation and one who has been a leader for many reasons. The South where I enjoy living and residing is always looked down on as being last place in education, and nutrition which are two very important essentials to success. Funny how foreign industry and cultures from near and far enjoy living in the beautiful South and prospering from the rich environment then wonder about the peoples traditions and surroundings. Yes the Southern gentleman is a stubborn breed and to be a part of this culture is an asset when the economy is challenging. We learn early on quitters never win.

When weakness sets in we all have options. We can be subdued and listen to every angle mentally and feel it physically then allow ourselves to be depressed. We can also listen understanding perhaps there is another agenda brewing which we don’t care to be a contributor too and reach higher. Reaching higher is generally uncomfortable in the initial action and your rewards of stretching out is beneficial.

You can relate if you have ever exercised and performed an exercise above your head. This movement is uncomfortable simply because unless your vocation requires such as a society we don’t perform much overhead movements. When you do push ups and push on your shoulders and entire upper body you become stronger. The law of nature is as simple in all aspects of our walk. Stretch out in a healthy manner, push upwards correctly and grow stronger.

Nutrition is a natural foundation for great results. Cornbread is one of my favorite side dishes. As in other ways to feed my body cornbread comes in many options and configurations. Cornbread is like anything else we consume it can be great and tasty or it can be a bland filler for our tummy. If your an adult you have the option throughout the day to enjoy healthy tasty cornbread or eat a filler.

For me to be happy about working out and especially performing exercise which challenge me I grow from eating tasty foods. This way I have the strength, energy, and desire, to decipher media biased and gladly discern if cornbread is bland, or good.

Remember what we learned in elementary school will always be true. You are what you eat. After you eat healthy, exercise strong and steady.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush.

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