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How to Prevent Injuries During Exercise

No matter what form of exercise routine you practice, safety
should always be your priority. For every athlete, from the novice to the
professional, incurring an injury when working out can hinder your efforts to
achieve your fitness goals, and will curb your enthusiasm. There are a few
simple precautions that we recommend you take if you want to avoid getting
sidelined due to injury.

(1) Warm up and Cool down

We’ve shared a little bit about the importance and benefit of warming up—it
loosens up the muscles, bones, and joints, promotes blood flow to muscles, and
enhances performance. As warming up prepares your body for physical activity,
it is effective in reducing your risk of injury.

Likewise, cooling down after strenuous exercise gradually
and safely brings your heart rate down to a resting rate, thus easing your
transition back to normal level of activity. The cool-down keeps blood flowing
throughout the body, and eliminates the light-headedness you otherwise may
experience if you stop activity suddenly.

(2) Stay Hydrated

You may know that staying hydrated whether you’re
exercising or not is vital to your health. It allows the heart to more easily
pump blood through the blood vessels and muscles. When you work out, you sweat,
which means that you’re losing some essential fluids. Drinking water before
your workout, and periodically throughout will help your muscles work more
efficiently, and will prevent the risk of more serious conditions such as swollen feet or
heat stroke.

(3) Ease in to Your Routine

It can be tempting to blast into a full intensity workout
right away, but after you warm up, it’s much safer to start slowly and lightly,
and gradually build up your intensity or speed. Regardless of whether you’re
walking on the treadmill, or lifting weights, it’s best to get into a rhythm to
start, and then as you become more comfortable, you can start ramping up. This
allows all of your muscles to be sufficiently prepared to endure a complete
workout. Starting too quickly is actually one of the main causes of exercise
related injuries.

(4) Rest

As we have said in the past, rest and recovery must be an
ingredient in every exercise routine. Just like a piece of machinery, your body
requires regular maintenance—proper nutrition, stretching, and rest. Know your
limits, and give your muscles enough time to regenerate and recover, so you can
perform at your best, and avoid any soreness, discomfort, and injury.

Before you begin any serious fitness routine, you should
consult a health and fitness professional to determine a safe plan that works
for your needs and abilities.

If you’re on the lookout for safe and reliable gym
equipment, please visit us today at Fitness Rush, and be safe! 

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