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How to Get a Better Treadmill Workout

Summer is officially in full swing, which means we’re trying
to get ourselves in shape and beach-ready. Not everyone has the time and/or
money to invest in a gym membership or to hire a personal trainer. With your
very own equipment, and by implementing the proper routine, you can achieve
your fitness goals in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

One of the most popular, and oftentimes, best-selling pieces
of exercise equipment is the treadmill. There are a few reasons for the
treadmill’s rise in popularity over time—its ease of use, its ability to
accommodate your exercise needs, and its versatility.

Admittedly though, working out on a treadmill can easily get
boring, which is why it’s common for users to give up after a while. How can
you consistently get a solid workout using your treadmill while still
maintaining your energy and enthusiasm?

That’s the question we hope to answer today. Follow this
guide for an effective treadmill workout, and you’ll be one step closer to
better health and fitness.

Warming Up

Most likely, you hop on the treadmill and just maintain the
same pace for the remainder of the workout. This is not only a recipe for
boredom, but it’s also an inefficient use of your exercise time.

Start by walking slowly for about 2 minutes, and then build
it up to a brisk walk in the last minute.
Next, jog at a steady pace for 3 minutes. Finally, you’ll do three sets
of alternately fast and slow walking, meaning 20 seconds of fast speed, and 40 seconds
at a slower speed for recovery.

Getting Going

  • Minutes
    : You’ll do that interval warm-up for roughly 10 minutes, to get your
    blood flowing and give you the energy to sustain a thorough workout.
  • Minutes 10
    – 22
    : Once you’re warmed up, you’ll run for 3 minutes, and then walk for 3
    minutes. Continue one more set of this pattern of alternately running and
  • Minutes 22
    – 28
    : Next, you’ll run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, and then run
  • Minutes
    28 – 30
    : For the last two minutes, you’ll cool down with a slow walk.

As you’re moving, be sure to maintain proper posture. Keep
your shoulders down, your back straight, your head looking forward, and pump
your arms back and forth with hands relaxed. In terms of your stride, it’s best
to take longer strides, as you’ll take fewer steps, and conserve your energy.

Utilizing Incline

As you get into a rhythm, it would also be a good idea to
take advantage of the incline adjustment options available on your treadmill.
When you become more advanced, you’re idea of going to the next level may just
be to increase your overall speed. But, a better way to challenge yourself is
to gradually increase your incline, and to keep it engaging, alternate between
the flat base level and an incline.

Setting Daily Goals

For each workout, set a goal for yourself—whether it’s
increasing the intensity, running a greater distance, or burning more calories,
for instance. This will keep you entertained and motivated, as you’re focusing
on reaching those goals.

Using the Right

Obviously, to make any of the above possible, you need to
use a superior quality machine. At Fitness Rush, we carry a wide range of
from the top brands in the business.

One of the most popular lines we carry is the BodyCraft BLU
Series Treadmills. Designed with the user in mind, these treadmills provide
extensive safety features, a variety of workout programs, and valuable data to
help you become a stronger athlete, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or
a seasoned professional.

If flexibility, stability, and entertainment options are top
priorities for you, then we recommend exploring the Green Series treadmills
with features like Bluetooth connectivity, a sophisticated touch screen, and a specialized
system for reducing stress on knees and joints.

No matter what your health
and fitness needs may be,
Fitness Rush has safe and reliable equipment to help you become the best athlete
you can be. Visit us online or in store, and stay tuned for even more healthy
and helpful tips, tools, and tricks!

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