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Heart Healthy Month

As a practicing Wellness coach who is a strong believer in “one shouldn’t preach what they don’t obviously practice”, I enjoy being an example of the actions I profess to help you become better.

I wonder if Hallmark is the institution who coined the phrase Heart Healthy month or some medical practice organization. Fact is every month is heart healthy month, that is if you want to enjoy each moment with vigor and smiles. Perhaps I should create a shirt which says, “If you see me wearing this shirt and I’m walking upright then I’m enjoying heart healthy month”. I could wear it every month and be true to the action each time I wore it while walking around.

Shouldn’t we all practice heart healthy actions daily? From the moment we awaken each day individually we can promote and increase heart healthy walks. With brushing our teeth early and often we promote heart healthy by maintaining a healthy mouth, the entrance to all we eat and drink. When choosing nutrition without man made additives for all of our meals we promote heart healthy steps by not taxing our digestion system needlessly.

Increasing our daily fresh water intake we promote heart healthy month and also when we move more each day. Effective exercise structured or unstructured is a powerful way to increase our aerobic health and of course is heart healthy.

February is considered by most to be heart month with Valentines day in the middle of the month and thoughts of romantic actions towards others. I hope the loved ones in my life know each month by my actions that I care for and love them, no Hallmark motivation needed. Candy, excessive sweets, over priced flowers are not an indication of heart health, probably they cause more stress and heart trouble if truth be revealed and researched.

I’m all for more thoughtful actions but let’s not narrow it down to one particular month motivated by shrewd marketing. Send a nice thoughtful card often during the year to those you care about male or female and improve the heart health of the receiver if only for a day or the moment they receive the card. In a day where email and text is the norm, you will improve your own heart health and the one you send to when you invest the time to write a card or short note. Hand written is the best and even better is a homemade card of your own creation.

Yes my daily exercise is to become stronger and heart healthier. I do this in many different ways each week and enjoy almost all of the options written about and know the joy of giving and receiving from or to someone you care about. We have all been told it’s the small things that mean the most. I’m not sure I always agree with that statement however I do know consistently each time a family member or friend gives me a handmade gift I am most thankful no matter the size.

Positive actions help my heart become healthier. Always a joy filled time for me is when I’m allowed the opportunity to exercise with a friend smiling. We can ride a bike, take a walk, throw the frisbee, or many other fun activities to help us all smile during and after the event. Gifting is very important when you give your time and share smiles and laughter. No one can duplicate the time you give to another. Items from any store no matter how expensive can be duplicated, your smile is exclusive and genuine from only you. Share your time and help yourself and others become heart healthy. Sharing is truly caring for yourself and others heart health.

Commit to be fit and heart healthy today,


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