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Healthy New Year 2016

During my drive into Atlanta to open my Fitness Rush store for the last time this year, I was wondering how I could help my family & friends enjoy more fun exercise activities & beneficial healthful results.

Each of us have access to more educational health material than ever before. As a matter of fact we have to be objective & investigative to qualify the information accessible.

Interestingly we research our next automobile purchase, we study and inquire all information we can when thinking about purchasing another house to live in or vacation. We hope we research the right schools and child care alternatives properly. With the same interest when we research proper wellness avenues to include nutrition, rest, and exercise, then we are investing in our walk wisely.

Today I enjoy results such as wearing the same waist size Carhartt pants as I have for the past 15 years and sometimes I even need a belt to keep them feeling better. As a matter of fact all of my shirts and mainly pullovers fit the same. My energy daily when I awaken is refreshed and keeps me happy to exercise more each day. Understand exercise does not and for me generally is not abusive and not fun. Every single time I exercise I smile and so do whoever participates with me in our particular exercise routine.

The workout can be an hour of frisbee, riding bikes leisurely on a gravel road or path, even cutting a few pieces of firewood with an axe or chain saw. Planting flowers is a dual purpose exercise, you get to move more, and plant for the future smiles in your walk. Of course my go to workout is strength and aerobic exercise simultaneously with functional training tools.

A healthy activity I have enjoyed engaging is to not turn on the TV in the evening but rather read a book, do some much needed laundry without such time restraints. Even when I clean the house, or do yard work, when I do these activities without time constraints the process is happier. As much as I don’t like admitting this, even shopping is exercise. For me not fun but hey I do enjoy the results of walking for hours and if it is raining then I acknowledge indoor walking is more fun.

The essence is when you move more you benefit in a positive fashion immediately and afterwards. Check out if you need effective exercise tools and let me know how your progress is going and how I can help.

Healthy New Year 2016, may you enjoy your personal fitness rush and smile.

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