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Healthy Holiday Sales

As a web merchant with a brick & mortar Atlanta location I get bombarded with ideas and avenues to market all of my holiday sales to the masses. Each & every marketing venue promises I will earn more revenue if I market with them to get the word out about my sales.

My friends and myself previously questioned now know with certainty merchants are not being truthful the other days of the year if they can slash prices during the buying season 40% and more like I saw in the large Atlanta malls this weekend. Why not just market the true selling price each day to build customer loyalty? When you walk into Fitness Rush Atlanta’s exercise equipment store you won’t see slashed prices notating 40% off regular price. You will see exercise equipment priced fair and with all of our new equipment delivery is free. The smart customer acknowledges the merchant is paying for the “free shipping” because we all know fuel is not free and there is cost to get the merchandise to the store or customers location.

Each and every day Fitness Rush Atlanta serves up the best pricing on effective exercise equipment. Fitness Rush doesn’t need outside pretend holiday deals with fancy day names like black Friday or cyber Monday or sexy Saturday, etc to provide you the best pricing on quality exercise equipment. We provide you great pricing on fitness accessories for your workout space as well as full strength circuits, and individual aerobic equipment for residential or commercial applications.

Our store located on Roswell rd at the corner of Mt Paran and Roswell rd in Sandy Springs is stocked with cool exercise tools you will enjoy trying out. Each and every piece of fitness equipment is built to provide years of true exercise options in our store. From slam balls, Trak Bar handles, functional trainers, Precor ellipticals, Keiser bikes, Purmotion functional tools plus more is yours to experience with always competitive pricing.

When you shop with Fitness Rush Atlanta you will invest in your health properly with a fitness industry veteran operated store. We serve the exercise equipment we exercise on and enjoy helping others exercise better daily. Our exercise equipment deals can be marketed as Mighty Monday sales, Terrific Tuesday deals, Workout Wednesday wonderful sales, Thriving Thursday Terrific deals, Fit Friday Fun times, Sexy Saturday Sales, and Super Sunday Strength sales. Call it what you want to and always know each and everyday of the year no matter the outside ad marketing seasonal tradition, the daily tradition with Fitness Rush exercise equipment is to always provide you a strong sales price on quality effective exercise equipment daily.

Thank you for shopping with Fitness Rush whether on the web or in person at our store in Atlanta or warehouse in Anniston. Please contact us via phone or email with any questions about exercise equipment for your home, office, or commercial workout space. Each opportunity for us to provide exercise equipment to all we can serve is our daily objective and we will always be very competitive & proactive in providing the best pricing available.

 Oh by the way since the weather outside is wet I’m officially calling today  “Soggy Sales Day”. Visit us today & each day for outstanding priced exercise equipment.

Healthy holidays to you & yours,


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