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Healthy Gifting

 I don’t gift often but when I do I prefer to gift a fitness rush. Yesterday I had a big time doing what many would consider drudgery. I assembled my grandsons battery operated dune racer he is getting for his birthday. On the box it stated some assembly required and when I finally released the contents from the giant box, I realized how many of my customers must feel when they see a gym first out of the box. I literally stood over the mass looking at all the parts and wondering briefly, “how long is this gonna take to assemble and I hope all the parts are there”. I also hoped with anticipation i would be able to decipher the directions which were written in several languages. You know the kind of directions where you have to look over each page to insure you haven’t skipped a step while trying to read the next version I can understand.

All the while though I was anxious about the assembly process, did I have the right tools, would the battery be charged up enough for him to enjoy the first day, will the car last for more than one birthday, will the decals look right after my not so straight application? After a couple of steady hours the car took form and actually now looks like a prize even I am envious of. With the assembly completed I now know my grandson will enjoy many hours of driving and touring around his yard with a big smile and the efforts though anxious during assembly are worthy.

Healthy gifting to my family and friends always carries with it the objective to cause big smiles. The gifts which encourage them to move more physically and enjoy the outdoors is a highlight to my walk. Since I’m involved daily with health and fitness I certainly enjoy gifting exercise motivators such as exercise equipment unique and well known.

Earlier today I enjoyed laughing and smiling as I helped some friends new to the Atlanta store learn about several of the exercise equipment options I have on display and ready to use. Always thrilling to me is how folks get comfortable once they start exploring the exercise equipment I provide to enhance their fitness rush. Especially smile provoking and I know I am contributing properly when I hear the folks in the store say they want one of each. That’s exactly why I first got into the fitness equipment business, to enjoy fitness fun and to help others enjoy fitness fun.

When you feel your true fitness rush for the first time, you will want more. The effective exercise equipment we provide will insure you experience the body you deserve and in turn your fitness rush. How cool will you feel when you gift better health to yourself and when others notice the positive difference and share your path to better health they can relate to and follow. Healthy gifting can be achieved many ways. Once you move in a fun way no matter your age or gender your body will be better and stronger. I enjoy adding correct exercise tools to my daily workout routine to help me maintain and grow stronger weekly. My Fitness Rush is important to my daily activities and I know my grandson enjoys playing inside and outside with me as does all my grand children. Healthy fun exercise keeps me ready to enjoy smiles from within and from others.

Healthy gifting to yourself is important to your longevity and how you will move better tomorrow no matter the objectives. Healthy gifting to others is certainly more real when you are sharing your experiences and being the strong example of action. Check out all of the fun fitness options at and when you have questions about the next steps you should take, contact us for free exercise tips. I enjoy building workout opportunities for those who buy an exercise ball to those who purchase entire gyms corporate or residential size. Call on Fitness Rush for healthy gifting opportunities for yourself and others today. Smiles will follow with correct application of fitness fun.

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