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Healthy Accountability

 Growing up in church I remember being somewhat perplexed when the preacher said we all have an age of accountability.

Today the message about proper age accountability is about as clear depending on the messenger. Almost as many definitions exist about “the age of accountability” as there are questions. Some definitions include simple descriptions though vague as saying “it is the coming of age”. Some say it is the age of sexual maturity which is somewhat objective as well. Some descriptions say accountability is spiritually oriented and or religiously oriented, which can be very objective.

One of my daily quests is to be a better example of the beliefs i hold important such as a healthy walk. Realizing fully even saying a “healthy walk” can be objective I focus on showing not telling my friends and all who are interested that exercising daily to provide your body positive stress is beneficial. I could go off on a tangent about the definitions of stress but for now lets agree not all stress is bad, kinda like the stress a diamond must endure to become bright and shiny.

If not daily at least weekly I have another ask me how to stay in better physical shape. This question though simple to answer is definitely objective depending on the individual and where they are in their life walk. I am thankfully an example of what my answer includes and this is daily exercise to promote healthy fitness results. Included with my exercise actions is proper nutrition depending on my needs and exercise objectives which I enjoy changing often so as to prevent boredom and complacency.

Effective exercise options available to most is a set of dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds and a nice sturdy workout bench that goes from flat position to incline. Now you may say, but that is expensive. Your investment of exercise equipment is and always has been an injury prevention step and now proven by science that exercise creates chemicals in your body that eats the bad cells such as cancer and other associated unwanted results. Preventive maintenance is a worthy investment.

Yes dumbbell exercise options can help you be and stay healthier. When you sit down on your workout bench and grab your dumbbells you are activating muscles, tendons, and ligaments, designed to help you improve your daily walk through life when they are developed properly. Dumbbell exercise is a great way to introduce yourself to proper muscle stress that immediately increases your circulation and muscle activation. When you follow true healthy exercise routines then you don’t walk away unable to move your arms above your head from soreness or walk like you have been electrocuted in your buttocks. Believe me I have experienced bad workout direction and reaped the uncomfortable rewards too many times in my exercise journey.

With all the youtube videos to screen about exercise and mountains of books and articles, your mind can become confused really quick trying to decide which is best for you. Each of us have the same objective when we endeavor to become as healthy as we can be and we all want to experience our own Fitness Rush, and encourage others to enjoy the same. Today you can immediately right after you finish reading this article begin to activate your body to be fit.

Until you get your dumbbells and even after you begin your proper dumbbell workout routine you can start journalling all of your achievements no matter how small. These will be great to check back on after 30 days, 90 days, a year or more, so you can see your obvious progress. When you begin a consistent exercise routine you will feel better within the first week. Your friends will start noticing a difference in your walk, attitude, and physique, well before you do and this generally begins to happen within 30 to 60 days. When you keep specific workout routine progress, you will see changes within the first week as your body adapts to the movements and stretching out of your tendons and ligaments. Ease into your routine knowing within 30 days you can push harder after your body is comfortable with the movements for continued positive results. Even after 30 plus years my body continues to allow me positive fitness results which shape my body well from proper exercise routines.

Healthy accountability is when you decide to be stronger and use the physical gifts you have been given to enjoy the best body you can. Certainly vanity is a part of why you workout and I’m ok with any reason you use to move better. You will not only benefit physically from proper dumbbell exercise, your mind will perform better, and enable you to enjoy more of life challenges with less negative stress. When we become aware of what our bodies can overcome with success we smile stronger.

Dumbbell exercise routines can improve your daily walk and I enjoy helping you learn more about all you can do to improve your body. Start today with pushups, then add dumbbell exercises as soon as you can to turn up your opportunity to be stronger and enjoy more exercise options for your entire body. Your pushups can be from your knees to start if you can’t do one without your knees on the ground. Then as you master the full pushup, turn the challenge up, increase your core and lower body benefits by raising one leg off the floor. This will add resistance to your upper body, activate your core and legs more, as well as increase your heart rate in a healthy way.

When your ready to engage your Fitness Rush contact [email protected] and i will be glad to help you get on the fitness train to optimum fitness results. Of course you can always visit our website for effective exercise equipment options for residential or commercial applications. We gladly customize exercise equipment packages designed to your specifications and offer up ideas to help you be and stay stronger. You are accountable for your health today and tomorrow, invest in your health and enjoy.

Commit to be fit,


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