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Garage Gym Basics for under $1,800

Blog 28dec14

Garage Gym exercise equipment set up under $1,800 for Active Users

Recently almost weekly I will have a conversation about the true cash outlay one should anticipate investing for a quality workout space.

The variables of course are endless to begin this conversation from commercial applications to a productive garage gym which would require different assortments of exercise equipment. For this blog I am going to focus on essential maintenance exercise equipment with a fitness level of active participant defined as one who has exercise experience and enjoys challenges while training.

When I consider my exercise preferred routines I always hit legs first. I work over a nice dumbbell set we provide

With the ergonomic handles and clean rubber coated dumbbells I can hold on easily while I do walking lunges. Squatting while performing dumbbell bicep curls is also a nice compliment to anyone serious about lower body function. The dumbbell rack is most appreciated when the set is completed and allows me to keep my workout space neat & organized.

Back exercises always including chin ups are on my plate for my second favorite muscle group to maintain. I wish I knew how many chin ups, dips, and push ups I have performed on

This Body Solid back GVKR82 machine has been a staple in my personal workout space for years. The VKR/Chin-up/Dip combo is a great addition to any gym with all the upper body exercise options available. From the floor you can perform push-ups on the different handle angles to concentrate on shoulders, triceps, chest, and back, as well as core muscles. To kick the core benefits up a notch I place one foot on an exercise ball then do my elevated push-ups.

When you truly workout this machine and do 2-3 sets of all available exercises, you will have muscle awareness post workout total upper body and core. The VKR section can activate any muscle group from calves to traps. Straight legged lifts without feet swinging is effective for core awakening. From the other side of the machine where the various selections of chin-up handles are your body will smile from all the serious back exercise options. My current favorite is wide position or “palms facing front”. I then fully hang then engage movement pulling my body up as a chin up until my shoulders touch the upper bars. This way no one can say your chin didn’t clear the bar which by the way is the minimum action you should go for. Touch your shoulders and your well above the bar with your chin.

After I blast my upper body on the VKR/Chin-up/Dip and have my legs throbbing from dumbbell lunges and dumbbell squats I bring in a nice sturdy bench which initially looks kind of strange When you sit on this bench you know your on a quality crafted bench even though it does look a bit funky. When I do military dumbbell press it’s the bench that truly comes to military position and feels right height on your back. When in incline bench or flat bench position the seemingly missing pad in the middle is not necessary because your shoulders, mid back, and hips are supported as they should be. The BodyCraft bench is heavy duty yet easy to move with a “Horn” on the front of the bench to grab and smooth wheels. You can also use the additional horns for resistance band work. With this bench I can do every dumbbell exercise I need for chest in flat position, incline dumbbell chest work, as well as shoulder and Bicep exercises from the military position. The bench is very easy with a pop pin to adjust the seat, nicely balanced weight and stable.

When you purchase this Garage Gym circuit from Fitness Rush and mention this blog I will ship this package to you for $1795 with free shipping included. Once you purchase equipment from us via our website you will immediately receive a confirmation. Within a few days we will email you a tracking number once your order is in route. Should you have any questions please let us know. We are here to help you become stronger by offering the best fitness tools we have with always fair pricing. So get your garage gym ordered up today and add to it when needed. This equipment is always an active part of my over 30 years of consistent workouts. I may add options from time to time bit the dumbbells, VKR, and bench offer mega exercise benefits.

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Commit to be fit, WWR. 

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