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Functional Exercise Equipment

Questioned more than once about this during my 30 plus years in the fitness industry. My answer remains the same.
Today briefly reflecting on recent functional training devices I use and market my mind wondered if my answer is changed. Absolutely my answer about which exercise is best for results is similar if not exactly the same about exercise equipment choices.
More times than necessary we seem to create challenges unhealthy to our future walk or ride. You quickly realize these are mental challenges when a guy who is a quadriplegic and in an upper body cycle passing you up Mt Cheaha asks “how ya feelin” and then rides away. Proper training may have allowed me to see him a bit father into the ride.
Limitations in exercise are actually bad motions to a potentially ” best part of your day” time. With perfect practice you will understand that to even doubt your ability to workout is wasted energy. Once focused you will enjoy and even look forward to each days exercise choice for strength & healthy enjoyable endurance.
The friends of mine who loved recess in elementary school as much as I did understand the definition of play ground fun. Then and now I enjoyed anything I could climb on, monkey bars, ladders to slides, swing set frames. Today my exercise foundations are Power Racks with neutral hand grips for pull ups, assisted chin up & Dip machine, PurMotion Air Fit training ” current favorite”, and cable crossover wide chin up bar. Sometimes I do all machines, sometimes only a couple.
The consistent motivating factor which I enjoy in my workouts is fun. When workout partners laugh with or at you during exercises you have to control your breathing. Controlled breathing is a nice art to learn and helps you control your heart rate when excited. Which is why it is great to laugh with a workout partner, you have to control your breathing or you will not be able to stand up and complete the current strength set. Of course directly after you complete the set you can bust out laughing and may again later upon reflection.
I remember looking forward to recess in elementary school from the first hour everyday, kinda like I’m looking forward to my workout tomorrow. The most beneficial exercise you or I can do is the functional movement we like the best. I remember all my buddies and I had forts in trees and climbing up and down them several times a day. And I remember seeing all the girls jumping rope or playing hop scotch all day. I was a competitor in hop scotch but jump roping even today is inconsistent. I believe I could hop scotch today with a bit of refreshing review.
Do the exercise movements you like, walking rural or residential. Riding your bike, going to the park and see sawing or swinging. Just make sure you have fun and keep it moving. Tomorrow you can repeat or start something new but exercise frequently. I was gently reminded today that each day we should be thankful for the bodies we inhabit. We thank our bodies by not letting them get stale, better we maintain and or make healthier what we have. Fun can then continue in all avenues.
Commit to Be Fit,

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