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Fitness Fun

Remember when fitness meant fun?

Of course there are more types of definitions now of fitness as there are wellness bloggers. Health has always been included when defining fitness or in my opinion it should be whether speaking about positive or negative fitness.

I wish all of fitness was positive but hey I’m but one man and fortunately I realized long ago though I can’t change the world, my personal responsibility is to positively change my world I’m fortunate enough to know. In my world fitness is filled with fun, laughter, big efforts, bigger accomplishments when reached, and enjoy passing it on. If you saw the movie “Pay it forward” to which I enjoyed watching several times then you are familiar with the excellent idea to enjoy giving of yourself and not being concerned if the person pays you back but you explain that the gift is to keep on doing what one can to help someone feel freedom. Freedom is truly the Blessing we desire. When we are free either mentally or financially we are Blessed. Paying it forward is an opportunity to acknowledge your own Blessings and to smile as you enjoy helping others so they can in turn help others.

The daily theme of is to help others become stronger so they will be a positive healthy example of strength and fit to help those they know to be stronger. When I was a personal trainer in Atlanta for over 20 years the major Blessing was seeing the men, women, & children, who exercised with me grow stronger and smile as they accomplished worthy strength and aerobic endeavors they thought were impossible. I’m glad to know they passed the efforts forward and encouraged their family and friends to be healthier through their proper examples and smiles.

To be fit doesn’t necessarily mean your going to enjoy every minute of every workout. I remember training for pedaling my bike over the mountains of North Georgia for 375 miles and not all my thoughts were smile filled. I grunted, whined, checked to see if I had a flat, wondered where my easy gear was, but I never stopped pedaling. Each and every completion of the bike rides were smile filled and I called folks to tell them of my accomplishments and explain to them how fun it was. Yes when they asked I also admitted not every mile was fun. Though not many of my friends took me up on my offer to ride 300 plus miles, some did ride 10 plus miles and I’m ok with that. They eagerly confessed how much fun their 10 mile ride was and hey I get it. I’m glad they got outside, smelled the roses so to speak and enjoyed the sun & fun, they enhanced their fitness.

As I “mature”, that’s the word I have used for saying one is getting old in numeric terms, I realize how much fun my exercise efforts are. Notice I said my efforts not even every minute of my personal workouts are fun filled but all of my exercise results are smiled upon and I’m thankful for. As I run my Atlanta Fitness Rush store and walk around cool exercise tools I enjoy creating new exercise moves and combinations to condense as much movement as possible into every exercise chosen, this is also known as functional training. I had activated that workout years before the name became cool and believe that’s why I continue to enjoy exercise and great fitness today. Conventional boring one dimensional moves are not not very fulfilling for the time involved and causes me to get stale. I’m so glad I quit thinking every guy in the gym knew what they were doing early on. All you really have to do is look at their body to believe their fitness efforts are fruitful.

To enjoy your personal Fitness Rush you need to expand your mind and be open to having new fun. Stretch out your mind and body in ways you haven’t in a long time. Remember how much fun the play ground used to be when you and friends were running around trying to decide which activity to do next? I love seeing grown adult men in my store point blank saying to their wives, “I feel like I’m in a candy store”. That’s how I feel each day I open my store door and I’m thankful to be able to work and play in my playground and share it with others daily. Yesterday an adult man who was “bigger than a house”, I mean when he shook my hand I felt like I needed to add my other hand in order to give him a worthy shake and he wasn’t fat. He was a very in shape adult with his lovely wife coming into the store for a piece of cardio equipment. He then quickly went from one end of my store to the other asking great questions about my Bodycraft Jones, and Hip sled also by BodyCraft, as well as some other strength tools. He requested a package price for several pieces and when I told him the price he agreed that was a very fair price and was excited setting up delivery. Then WHAM his bride said no not today. This huge guy who could easily have been a contender with the Rock said to her almost whining “then why did you bring me in here”? I laughed and explained to him with proper gifting for his bride for Christmas he could probably get it later. Thankfully they did buy what they came in for then on their way home his bride phoned back to get him a few more things he requested. He asked about several nice quality commercial pieces of exercise equipment so I know I will be able to help him again in the future. My business is so fun watching others enjoy fitness and their avenues to achieving their healthy objectives with wellness and proper exercise.

I’m a firm believer if all of my friends and the many customers I am fortunate enough to meet continue to enjoy exercise results then all of us can benefit from proper moves toward fitness fun and sharing. I smile when I think about an old saying I used to say when someone asked me what I learned at school that day, I would say sharing. I smile when I remember “Chum” on Pawn Stars says sharing is caring, I think the Care Bears also said that. Most likely none of those were the first to say sharing is caring but it certainly is true. It’s hard to say “sharing is caring” and not smile. Cool saying, cooler definition of fitness fun. Sharing is an activity you choose and can be defined as good mental fitness fun. Be sure and share good stuff of course. Positive sharing is positive caring. Do and share some fitness fun today with a friend or family member and smile.

Commit to be fit

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