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Fitness Friday: The Benefits of Group Training

If it’s your first time in the gym, or if you’re just trying
to mix up your routine, then you may be confused about which exercises to begin
with, or even how to do them. It’s overwhelming when you have such a myriad of
options in front of you. No matter how much fitness experience you have, an
excellent way to get started and to stay motivated is to join a group fitness
class. It may come as a surprise, but engaging in group training has many
benefits, and it will serve as a foundation for your future exercise endeavors.

Today, we’re going to give you a few reasons why group
training may completely transform the way you work out, and the way in which
you view fitness in general.


The problem with trying to maintain a regular fitness
regimen is determining how to establish consistency, especially when
you’re unfamiliar with gym equipment and exercise. When you’re exercising with
a group, you have a set routine that you follow during each and every workout,
and you can do so safely and correctly. If you’re working with an instructor,
that person will also ensure that you’re performing each activity properly in
order to make the most of your exercise time. On your own, you’re more likely
to miss key components of a complete and effective workout.


As we mentioned in an earlier post, many people quit their
exercise programs quickly out of boredom. Group exercise offers exposure to a
variety of different formats, instructor styles, and even music. It also
provides a social atmosphere—a sense of camaraderie and accountability among
participants. With peers to motivate you, you’ll develop the positive attitude
needed to get through a workout, and to reach your fitness goals in the long run.
Research actually shows that individuals are much more inclined to keep up
their exercise and put forth their best effort because of these social


Since you’re more motivated in a group, you’re less likely
to quit, and consequently, will see better results. Recent studies have shown
that working out with a partner or small group does actually improve your
performance. In a group setting, you’ll constantly be challenged to push
yourself to the next level, and since you’re having fun, the time will fly by
and you’ll forget how hard you’re working.

No matter what type of group exercise you try, it’s an
excellent way to build your confidence, get motivated, train more efficiently,
and ultimately, have fun getting fit!

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