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Fitness Friday: Building the Best Workout

As we’ve mentioned in the past, there is always a new
exercise fad that claims to magically transform your figure, and give you the
six-pack of your dreams. But, that makes it difficult to figure out what the
perfect fitness plan is for you and your needs.

Despite what you may have heard time and again, there isn’t
a cure-all, surefire solution, as each individual is built differently and has
different fitness goals and physical capabilities. In designing your own
routine, you have to take this into consideration, as well as a few other
items, which we’ll discuss today.

Your Goals

The foundation for any good fitness program is a clear
definition of your goals. What are you personally trying to achieve? Are you looking
to build muscle? Trim your waistline? Increase your strength?

Based on this, you can successfully design a meaningful and
highly effective routine that is tailored to your exact goals and experience

Time and Place

Before you can even think about the exercise itself, you
should first think about how much time you actually have to devote to a
physical routine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 15-30 minutes a few times a
week, or one hour everyday; the workout that’s best for you fits within your
time, and allows you to maintain consistency.

If you’re trying to improve your physique, then you should
ideally try to work out at least three days a week. Also, always remember to
incorporate rest and recovery into your routine!

will you be working out? Is it at the gym, or at home with a couple weights?
Once you have a clearer picture of your circumstances, then you can
start planning your routine.


Intensity refers to how hard you’re working. You should know
your limits, and not overwork yourself, especially when you’re just starting
out. If you’re burned out, you’ll have little to no motivation to keep at it. Determine
a baseline of what’s comfortable for you, whether it’s a certain resistance on
the treadmill or a particular weight size, and as you become more comfortable
and experienced, you can gradually increase this level, and track your


Make sure that your fitness plan includes variety—varying your
reps, sets, and exercises will keep you engaged, and prevent you from losing
interest, energy, and motivation.

Once you bring all of these elements together, you’ll have a
solid framework for your ideal fitness plan. Then, start putting it into
practice, write and record your progress, and adjust accordingly.

If you have any fitness questions, please feel free to share
them with us here, and we’ll do our best to answer them. Are you on the hunt for
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