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Fit to Win

As a testosterone driven teenager I used to wonder how long I would have the desire, drive, and ability, to be fit. Now that I’m 60 I smile knowing my desire is stronger than as a teenager. My drive is well based with historical facts of positive accomplishments. And my ability to be fit surrounds me more today than one could possibly hope for.

 Certainly with the extreme physical nature of my fitness industry vocation of over 30 years, I feel each day the effects of lugging treadmills, ellipticals, and strength equipment, of all sizes and shapes over all types of terrain. Stairs do wreak negative effects on lower back and shoulder muscles plus carrying exercise equipment down is far worse than pushing equipment up. Even with the stiffness in joints I have learned when I move properly and activate the body I have been Blessed with my body moves strong.

 Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week is beneficial and essential to my physical and mental health. With the fitness industry and exercise in particular finally being positively apparent to everyone I’m glad to see worthy changes in peoples mindset. When I first began exercising the action was definitely not on peoples minds and in fact I was scorned among many adults who verbally criticized my desire to be in the gym saying I was being self absorbed. Perhaps vanity was a portion of why I was in the gym but most of all as today, I wanted to take all the steps I could to enjoy the strength I knew was inside me.

 There have been abundant fads and diet supplements which have come and gone during my journey to date. And no doubt there will be more looking for the money and marketing angle to get you to spend money on their magic product. With all the available information accessible on the internet I’m amazed how many of the masses continue to make illogical steps to failure concerning their health. However I acknowledge most folks are not patient and want the quick fix. This includes not taking the time to research and insure the claims they are seeing are accurate and applicable to their wellness needs.

 Several times I have walked into a Personal Trainer conference and walked in the door and wondered if these participants actually believed what they were instructing. When a personal trainer is walking around out of shape and unable to show me the correct way to utilize the exercise equipment or body weight moves to assist clients then I wonder if they are all talk and no walk. Walking the talk is another way to say actions speak louder than words.

 The secret to staying fit is not a secret! Just like when you want to stop a bad habit or start a new positive step the answer is one you know and have a positive history of. Reflect back on when you wanted to begin a new athletic event such as playing soccer, baseball, or basketball, or even learning to ride a bike. Sure you had anxiety about the activity and the unknown sometimes causes a bit of anxiety but that can be a good motivator. When I wanted to learn how to ride my bicycle successfully for a 100 plus miles, I learned all I could about how to ride and stay fueled. Then I got on my bike and began to ride. Of course I didn’t ride 100 miles the first day or even the first month but within 3 months I did. I succeeded because I started riding. And later rode more than 3 times that distance in the mountains of North Georgia. I succeeded because I started. And I enjoy cycling today as much as ever each time I jump on the saddle.

 Whatever you desire to do to increase your health benefits is possible with correct exercise steps. Exercise equipment is not necessary, your desire is necessary. Know you will appreciate your body more when you activate your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. Healthy circulation is key to increasing your daily smiles. When you need motivation or tips to be fit feel free to email [email protected] and I will certainly provide helpful hints when I can. 

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