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Fall Fitness Fun

Most of us who live in the Deep South and enjoy the outdoors anytime can understand the meaning of a cool Fall day. After sweltering summer days mowing pastures, clipping fence line hedges, blazing paths thru the woods with hand tools, we look forward to Fall Fitness Fun. When you think about the action your body moves to explore a Fall morning you realize your smiling as you mow in the mornings because you can wear long pants to deflect grass clippings and not sweat profusely. Theres something a bit Fallish about wearing long pants, generally mine are Carhart for thickness in deflecting briars, and a short sleeve shirt. Even then if your out when the sun rises you may catch bit of a chill until you get moving steady. I like that Fall helps me move quicker and cooler without increasing my heart rate.

It’s neat listening to the birds singing loud early in the morning. I enjoy hearing the first birds begin to sing as the days dawns. To get only a little hint of daylight and almost so imperceptible that only after a few days did I realize the birds were letting me know their day is starting. When you are outside and aware enough to slow down and listen to the first bird songs of the day, you will be thankful. I’ve heard many folks sing but the early morning birdsongs are a challenge to copy.

Yes Fall is an amazing time to renew and exercise your right to enjoy more outdoor days playing in the leaves or walking along your favorite paths. I enjoy the paths of Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods and I love the deep paths in the woods. Hiking is not really what I call what I do since its not a planned excursion. Sometimes I walk a mile and sometimes several in a day on the weekends. I’ve found definitely there are better footwear for wood hiking and or city hiking, both objectives are to walk healthy.

Think about this for your Fall exercise for immediate and post wellness benefits. You plan this coming weekend or your next available day which may be tomorrow to awaken early. I realize it goes against the grain of selfish justification to sleep in on weekends but fact is, Naps are better than sleeping in. And your nap going to be heavenly after you experience the first light of your new day with the melody of birdsongs like no others.

So these are the 5 steps;

1- Set your opportunity clock to awaken you 45 minutes before your area says sun will rise. Nautical Twilight time is about 30 minutes prior to Civil Twilight so you will awaken with the birds signing and listen closely and you will know when their songs begin to fade.

2- Set your coffee maker to come on 5 minutes before you awaken so it will be ready.

3- Set your clothes out the night before or walk as you are.

4- Hit the door and get outside to be closer to the music.

5- Drink your coffee and enjoy walking around to experience a portion of Fall Fitness Fun.

Next time you’ll awaken earlier to hear longer duration but hurry the birds are southbound.

Commit to be fit, WWR

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