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Essentials For Bodybuilding At Home

For those of us who prefer to work out at home, and are looking to start bodybuilding – there are a few essential tools that will give you the most benefit from your exercise routine.

Training at home is not for everyone. There are those who prefer the social aspects of a gym or simply don’t have the room in their home for a gym.

But, if you have the luxury of a home gym and you are looking to begin a bodybuilding routine, we can recommend the following tools and equipment.


One of the first things you want to equip your home gym with are
dumbbells. If you haven’t done any form of exercise at all and you want to start off slow, you can certainly use 10 pound dumbbells to begin your routine.

You’ll find, as you improve your strength that you can work your way up to 50 pound dumbbells.

They are best used for shoulder, chest and arm workouts.

Barbells and Weights

Another tool / equipment that you will want to have in your home gym is a
Barbell. Again, you can adjust the weight limits so that you can start off slow, and then increase as you get stronger and stronger.

Powerlifting is the most common exercise that you would use barbells for. But you can also use them for deadlift and bench press activities.

9 Different Types of Barbells

There are a total of 9 different types of barbells. Ranging from the classic types that we are all familiar with to specialty types for specific issues.

  1. Deadlift Bar – These bars are characterized by a long shaft.
  2. Powerlifting Bar – These are generally used to accommodate more weight.
  3. Olympic Bar – Similar to powerlifting bars except they allow for more spin during a lift.
  4. Standard Bar – Most often used by weight lifting beginners.
  5. EZ Curl Bar – A bar that is curved where the hands grip to allow for a more pronated grip.
  6. Hex Bar – Shaped like a hexagon which helps to keep your back aligned which reduces stress on your back muscles.
  7. Swiss Bar – Another odd shaped barbell that reduces stress on shoulder joints.
  8. Log Bar – Most often used by professional body builders.
  9. Safety Squat Bar – The perfect barbell for reducing stress and strain on neck, upper back and shoulder muscles.

Power Racks

No doubt that the
Power Rack will be your very best piece of equipment in your home gym. After all, it provides you with an almost endless number of exercises for every part of your body all compacted into one compact station.

Power racks are truly the centerpiece of any well equipped home gym, especially for bodybuilding. Here are the top 7 benefits of using a Power Rack.

  1. Power racks allow you to train solo in a safe environment.
  2. You can adjust the safety pins to just below your full range of motion – just in case you miss a lift, the pins can then catch the weight.
  3. You can workout with heavier weights than you normally would be able to if you didn’t use a power rack.
  4. Of course, you can also use dumbbells instead of the Olympic bar for those upper body workouts.
  5. Power racks can easily be used as squat racks.
  6. These racks are excellent for heavy partials – helping you to build up your strength as you test heavier weights in your workout sessions.
  7. Power racks are also excellent for functional isometrics.

You want to make sure that the rack you choose will adjust to your needs as you change and improve your bodybuilding workout routine.


Finally, the last essential piece of equipment that we can recommend for your bodybuilding home gym is the bench. Now, there are multiple types of benches, from flat benches to Olympic benches and you can choose what fits your needs and your space.

Note that some Power Racks come complete with a bench so if space is an issue, you may want to consider getting an all-in-one piece of equipment.

These tools are the main components for your bodybuilding needs but of course, there are more. Depending on the space that you have for your home gym, you can add more gadgets and accessories.

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