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Essence of Quitting

 Have you ever thought about the possibility of quitting to be better? I realize all the negative drama we have been taught about the losers who are quitters. But I know a bunch of successful folks who have been quitters. And I know most of them are happier soon after they quit.

If you aren’t one you know someone who is a quitter. By the way I bet you are one as well and probably a better person because you quit something. Quitting isn’t always a negative action and in reality in some cases is very positive. 

Fortunately with the expansive media education and social stigmas I’m glad to see less people smoking cigarettes than ever in my lifetime. Some in my family quit smoking and I’m glad they are quitters. So yes my family members who are quitters are winners.

Yes in the society we grow up in often we take a slogan such as “quitters never win” and think it’s gospel. Well I’m here to inform you as I have already done so that not all slogans are true.

When you come to a crossroads and seem that your days are miserable then consider after you have thought about all the negative and positive consequences about quitting. Certainly I’m not validating quitting as the all encompassing answer to all your struggles. I’m simply saying quitting a drain on your happiness may be rejuvenating. The past smokers I referred to are happier and definitely healthier and so are all those who breathed in the nearby vicinity.

I am pro good health, wellness, and in turn happiness. Until I began to think differently about quitting I was miserable and felt like I was struggling in deep mud not moving forward. To make the decision to quit is but one step toward progress. Thinking is an action not many of us do enough of. Think about why quitting may or may not be right for you, truly think. Consider all the options positive and negative then if you see freedom in quitting then do so without fear of what others will say. You will benefit greatly from going off to a quiet place and thinking before you act.

Healthy folks have a plan and next step in play prior to being a quitter. When I quit riding my motorcycle I began to ride my bicycle on long endurance rides in the mountains. I realized without the loud pipes I could hear birds and often could pedal right up on all types of wildlife such as deer, turkey, without them scurrying away. Today I enjoy bicycling more than I ever dreamed.

You shouldn’t quit an activity to go sit your butt on the couch and watch mindless TV and eat snacks. Your life won’t be rewarding as a slug. Our mental health is affected each day by what we eat, say, hear, and do, as well as our rest time. We are not on this planet very long and each day we have the opportunity of choice. Ironically sometimes quitting is a positive step. Evaluate your daily walk to insure you are moving forward and smiling. Share your rewarding moments with your family and friends so they can grow stronger. Sometimes being contradictory is very healthy for you and all who know you.

Commit to be fit & enjoy life

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