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Equipment How-To: PowerLine Vertical Knee Raise Machine

You’ve finally purchased the right piece of fitness equipment, so the next
challenge you may face is figuring out how to use it correctly and most

Here at Fitness Rush, we want to make shopping for gym equipment as pain-free and hassle-free as possible, and we understand these
challenges. That’s why we’re introducing our first in a series of equipment
how-tos. With this, hopefully you’ll become an expert at operating a wide
variety of machines and gym tools!

Today, we’re giving you an inside look at the popular Body-Solid PowerLine Vertical Knee Raise Machine PVKC83X.


When used correctly, the PowerLine Vertical Knee Raise
Machine works your arms, shoulders, pectorals, and obliques, all while
eliminating strain on the lower back. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking
to trim down your waistline.

It consists of sturdy, heavy-gauge steel frames that have
4-sided wielded construction, and it also features comfortable back pads and
arm supports to reduce discomfort, a pull-up/chin up station that’s cushioned
and mounted one foot above the floor for the most efficient pecs workout, and
oversized hand grips ideal for an excellent triceps routine.

Exercise to Perform

Here is one of the best exercises you can do using this

Hanging or
Vertical Knee Raise

Step 1: In a straight position,rest your back against the upright back pad and your forearms on the elbow
pads located just below shoulder level in the center of the machine.

Step 2: Position your legs so that
they are not hanging directly under you but are slightly angled away from the
center of the machine. This will ensure that you’re comfortable, have the
correct posture, and can breath better.

Slowly begin lifting your knees
towards your chest.

Step 4: Once you have raised your knees as high as you can
without allowing your back to curl away from the pad, stop, and slowly allow
your knees to return to starting position—legs straight below you, but slightly
away from your midsection. This allows for constant resistance to the core

Step 5: Repeat! If you want to see improvement over time and reap
the benefits, then we strongly recommend performing as many repetitions as you
can properly, noting down the time it took to complete. Your improvement may consist of doing more knee raises in a set amount of time, or more repetitions during a
longer period of time. Make sure you continue tracking your process.

If you’re just starting out, then we suggest aiming to
complete 50 knee raises per workout, and as you become more experienced, you
can try completing 100 knee raises at a time. Be careful not to overwork
yourself, and allow enough time for rest and recovery, so it’s best to try this
workout no more than twice a week.

Do you have any questions about the PowerLine Vertical Knee
Raise Machine or any other piece of fitness equipment? Mention them here or on
social media, and we may feature it in our next post. You can also call us toll
free at 770-712-5392 or visit our Atlanta showroom today. 

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