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Easy Way To Buy Used Gym Equipment

Buy Used Gym Equipment

Exercise has been proven to
improve a body’s flexibility and strength.
But that’s not all it does.
Exercise can also improve a person’s mood and cognitive functioning. 

So many studies on this topic have been conducted and the news just keeps
coming that exercise can be the magic pill to help you live a long and healthy

All of this has prompted a boom on home gyms and home exercise equipment. In general, exercise machines and accessories
can be expensive so many are opting for used gym equipment.

Here at Fitness Rush in Buford, Ga we have a very large inventory of new and
used exercise equipment and we help our customers to choose the best
accessories and apparatus for their needs.

Why Buy Used Gym

There are two main reasons
why you should consider buying used exercise equipment instead of new.

1) The most common reason is the cost. Used gym equipment will save you money which
may give you the opportunity to purchase accessories or another exercise

2) Most used fitness equipment are in very good
condition so you’re not losing out on the quality of the product.

Our 10 Top Tips On How To
Buy Used Gym Equipment

1) If you know specifically
the type and/or brand of equipment that you want, call a retailer that sells
used equipment (like us at Fitness Rush) to find out if they have it in stock.

2) If you don’t mind taking a
chance on buying equipment directly from a seller – you can check out Yardsales
and local online sites like NextDoor for the type of equipment you are looking
for. But be aware that anything you buy
in this situation comes with no guarantee and no backsies!

3) If you have done your
research and know the type of equipment you want – and you find a used model –
do some research on the reviews of that model.
No point in buying a 4 year old treadmill that has reviews saying it
begins to break down after 5 years.

4) Some used exercise
equipment will come with a warranty. Ask
and check the expiration date. It may
still be worth it to purchase the equipment without the warranty but it doesn’t
hurt to ask.

5) Reviews these days are the
new commodity that everyone uses when making purchases. Check the reviews of not only the product you
are looking to buy but of the store that you are looking to buy it from. Obviously, if you’re buying from a yardsale
you won’t have any reviews.

6) Check the price of the
equipment you are looking for on other websites. You may find another one that is also used
but more than likely you will probably only see new models but still, it will
give you an idea of the original cost of the exercise equipment.

7) Look for a good brand
name. It’s true, you may spend a little
more for a brand name but it may save you time and money in the long run.

8) You always want to check
why the machine or product is being sold – especially if you’re buying it
directly from the seller.

Here are some questions that
you should be asking the seller…

a) Why are you selling this?

b) Are there any missing parts?

c) How long have you had it?

d) How much have you used it? (How

e) Is it difficult to assemble / dis-assemble?

f) Are there any quirky
features about it that I should know about?

g) Where do you buy it from
and for how much?

h) Is there any kind of
ongoing maintenance? (maybe belts have
to be changed every 3 months)

9) If it’s a machine that
requires some moving parts (like a treadmill) you should absolutely test it
before you make the final purchase. The
machine may run but what if it’s very noisy?
You would want to know that before you bring it home.

10) Finally, whether you’re
buying a used piece of gym equipment or one that’s new – you want to make sure
that the product is a good fit for you.
You don’t want to purchase an exercise bike that has a set that pinches
you every time you sit on it. (Just an

Excerpts From Studies On
The Benefits Of Exercise

Mood is also affected by a
regular schedule of exercise. One study
involved 26 healthy men and women who exercise habitually. They were asked to either continue their
routine or to stop exercises for 2 weeks.
The result was that the men and women who stopped exercising reported an
increase in “negative mood.”


works to help build up bone density in a younger person and helps to prevent
osteoporosis in seniors.


A new study conducted on seniors (65+)
revealed that brisk walking has the effect of increasing the size of the area
of the brain that is involved in memory.
The data suggests that doing moderate physical exercise can help to
protect the brain as it ages.

From National Institutes of Health

If having a home gym or
exercise equipment in your home is your solution to adding a regular exercise
routine into your schedule then you may want to consider buying used gym
equipment instead of new. At Fitness
Rush in Buford, Ga. we sell both new and used gym equipment. It’s an easy way to purchase gym equipment.

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