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Do You Think Too Much?

How many times have you been told you think too much? And each time did you wonder “Is that a bad thing?”

Wellness is defined in many realms. Certainly thinking is included, especially if your thinking positive thoughts. So if life is about balance then when do you think too much? Generally I wouldn’t consider anyone could think too much. But I’ve been corrected more than a few times in my walk.

Upon further thought one may think too much about a certain concern to the unhealthy state. When reflecting back on challenges which were futile in retrospect I should have just let those thoughts go sooner. I could have then immediately applied energy to cleaner more productive thoughts. And thoughts reap actions for better or worse.

I wonder if many mornings we would serve ourselves and our surroundings better when we allow ourselves a few extra minutes to be thankful for what we have? When realizing how much we have pertaining to our health, and our family, we should be thankful and smile. Yes sometimes our health and families aren’t what we consider perfect but sometimes perfect is no fun either.

Learning how to enjoy our daily walk where we are currently is a blessing beyond description. Being thankful for life’s daily opportunities and challenges is one step toward smiling more. Isn’t smiling more really one of our worthy daily objectives?

Upon further thoughts about how our lives get so complicated we serve ourselves and those around us better when we smile and even laugh acknowledging we brought ourselves to this place. Fortunately new opportunity when we continue to seek is around each corner and is new each morning. Our results with what we do with each new morning is in direct result to our thoughts which direct actions. Think and grow rich.

Commit to be fit, WW Rush.

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