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Coconut Water, Motion More, & SOI

Enjoying a nice refreshing, cold, liquid, which surprises all your senses in a good way is an amazing, fun, find. And to add to that it is very healthy. All things fun and healthy, I’m in.

Coconut water certainly has amazing values that I cannot do justice. Though I’ve read many, I’m not able to recall the redeeming angles to your health. What I can say with great joy as I partake of a nice, cool, glass of coconut water is this stuff is magnificent. I love the fact when I check out the ingredients and how many man made items are included all I see under Ingredients is Coconut Water. Perhaps another name for what I drink is water from Above. When you try it you will smile.

Motion More should be an objective we each consider worthy. Just think if each morning when you awaken after acknowledging another day thankful, you would instantly engage your strong physical exercise opportunities? Each day after being thankful for another opportunity to walk upright my next thought is how to be and stay healthy. Motion More will be engaged as you prepare your most important meal of the day which is breakfast. I actually Pre Motion More by planning my next days breakfast the evening before. This way I can add thankful for my upcoming meal to my first steps. As I park farther away from the store front door I engage Motion More. Certainly when I activate my PurMotion Air Fit that I strength train as well as flexibility train am I engaging fun exercise. When you keep your Motion More Fun you begin to invest in your health which is and always will be your wealth.

SOI is a term I learned while being schooled in all things right from the radical right. Because I think I may even have my “Letter” wherever letters go when members aren’t in Southern Baptist church, I can provide a vision of what I saw. I’m not saying my recognitions are crystal accurate but I do know I learned much about a Source Of Irritation in church. People who consider themselves purist will say it was a church function but not church. The event was Bill Gothard & the church paid my way as compensation for my earnings helping a tree surgeon. But I digress.

Isn’t it interesting that I learned the term Source Of Irritation from church? In my adult years I find it very humorous.

Thankfully I’m today able to enjoy coconut water, after More Motion and glad the SOI in my walk is minimal.

Commit to be fit, WWR

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