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Buyer’s Guide: Used vs. New Gym Equipment

We’ve told you a little bit about what goes into creating
your ideal home gym, but sometimes time and budget constraints make it a little
more difficult to achieve that. That’s why in some instances, it may be beneficial
to purchase used gym equipment instead of new equipment. But, is one option
really better than the other? Let’s compare the advantages of each, and unravel
the truth.

Used Equipment

The most significant and obvious advantage of getting used
gym equipment is that you can get a good product at a fraction of the cost of a
new machine. When you’re able to purchase used equipment of comparable quality
to new at an affordable price, you are naturally more likely to get your exercise
routine underway sooner, and it’s easier to equip your workout space within
your budget. This has made it an
increasingly popular option for health clubs, rehabilitation centers,
individuals, and gyms.

When you’re purchasing used, make sure that you’re getting
something that you are already familiar with and enjoy using, and not just
because it’s a good deal. If well maintained, used equipment can hold its value
so that when it comes time to selling it, you may actually be able to get close
to what you originally paid for it.

At Fitness Rush, your safety is a priority, so you can be
certain that we’ll only provide you with the highest quality equipment. We
carry reliable used fitness equipment
for both cardio and strength training from some of the most trusted brands.

New Equipment

While new gym equipment may be a little bit pricier than
used, it does come with several advantages. First, new units will
unquestionably have a warranty, meaning your investment is covered, and repairs
aren’t an issue.

Second, you can also be sure that it has a sleek, updated
design with the latest features to make the workout more enjoyable and
efficient, which will keep you motivated in achieving your fitness goals. You
don’t need to make any compromises, and can get exactly what you need.

Finally, if you own a business like a gym, furnishing your
location with new equipment will give you the opportunity to attract potential
customers, and incentivize current customers.

As you can see, there are positive aspects of purchasing
used OR new gym equipment. Choosing which one is right for you ultimately
depends on your specific needs, in terms of goals and budget.

No matter how much athletic experience you have, or what you’re
hoping to achieve, Fitness Rush has
you covered every step of the way. Call us toll free at 1-866-348-7874, or
visit us in-store, and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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