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Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer Exercises

The popularity of Bodycraft’s HFT Functional Trainer is no

There are so many different exercises that can be performed on this beautiful
piece of exercise equipment.

According to BodyCraft’s exercise booklet, there’s at least 72 different
exercises that you can do to tone your body and get in shape.

The list includes:

Concentration Curl

Overhead Triceps Extension

One Arm Curl-Supinating

One Arm Overhead Triceps Extension

One Arm Underhand Push Down

One Arm Push Down

Standing Arm Curl

Standing Hammer Curl

Triceps Kickback

Underhand Push Down

Ab Crunch

Hanging Knee Raise

Reverse Ab Crunch

Bench One Arm Row

Kneeling High Row

Kneeling Lat Pull Down

Mid Diverging Row

Pull Up

Assisted Pull Up

Reverse Fly

Seated Lat Pull Down

Seated Rear Delt Row

Standing One Arm Row

Bench Press

Bench Press-Converging

Low Pec Fly

Pec Fly

Pec Fly-Standing

Seated Incline Press

Seated Incline Press-Converging

Standing Chest Press

Standing Chest Press-Converging

Standing Incline Press

Standing Incline Press-Converging

External Rotator

Internal Rotator

One Arm Rear Delt

Front Raise

Lateral Raise

One Arm Lateral Raise

One Arm Shoulder Press

Seated Shoulder Press

Seated Shoulder Press-Converging


Standing Shoulder Press

Upright Row

Front Squat

Glute Kick

Hip Abduction

Hip Adduction


Reverse Lunge


Standing Leg Curl

Standing Leg Extension

Long Bar Wood Chop

Long Bar Standing Clean & Jerk

Long Bar Chest Press

Sports Stick Golf Swing

Sports Stick Baseball Swing

Boxing Punch

Core Twist

Golf Swing

Lunge to Press

Overhand Pitch

Press to Twist

Squat to Press

Squat to Press- Converging

Lunge to Press

Tennis Backhand

Wood Chop High to Low

Wood Chop Low to High

Let’s go over some of them.

Wood Chop Low to High

Upper Body Exercise: By adjusting one of the handles to it’s lowest position,
you can then grab the handle with both hands and swing from low to high (as if
you are performing a golf swing but in reverse). Because you are twisting your torso to do
this, you are also exercising your body’s core muscles.

Standing Leg Extension

Lower Body Exercise:
Using the ankle strap attachment, this simple exercise will help you to
build your quadricep muscles. Simply
lift your leg until your hip and knee are at a 90 degree angle. Think of marching in place.

Hip Abduction

Lower Body Exercise: Again, using the ankle strap
attachment, this exercise will help you to workout your upper thigh
abductors. Once you’ve attached the
ankle strap, pull your leg away from your body as if you’re beginning to do a

Seated Shoulder Press

Upper Body Exercise:
A great workout for arms, core body muscles and shoulders. With the bench in the middle of the machine,
it’s a simple task to grab the handles and push upwards with both arms.

Reverse Fly

Upper Body Exercise:
While standing and facing the machine, you can grab the handles with the
opposite hand (so your arms are criss-crossed) and then pull back. A great exercise for your biceps and

Hanging Knee Raise

Abdominal Exercise:
Yes, you can do ab exercises on Bodycraft’s HFT Functional Trainer. Simply hang from the top handlebar, squeeze
your abdominal muscles and raise your leg(s).
You can start with one leg at a time and work your way up to both legs.

Download the PFT Book Here

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